The Haunted Mask II (Goosebumps)

The Haunted Mask II (Goosebumps)

R.L. Stine

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0590568736

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Deciding to go to the same Halloween costume store where his friend Carly Beth got her face rearranged the previous year, Steve Boswell searches for the perfect mask and finds it, unaware that the mask is even scarier than it appears.



















wants them because they turned out so ugly. They are The Unloved. They’re alive. And they attach themselves to anyone who comes near enough.” “But how do I get it off?” I cried impatiently. I raised my hands and tugged at my rutted, scabby cheeks. “I can’t spend the rest of my life like this. What can I do?” Carly Beth jumped up and began pacing back and forth in front of Sabrina and me. Sabrina unwrapped a Milky Way bar and began chewing it, watching Carly Beth pace. “The same thing happened

work, I feel like an alien from another planet. I mean, I can’t understand a single word they say! “Hey, Mom and Dad.” I tried to get into the conversation. “Guess what? I grew a tail today.” Mom and Dad didn’t hear me. They were too busy arguing about something called “morphology.” “Actually, I grew two tails,” I said, louder. They didn’t care. Dad was drawing some kind of chart on his napkin. I was really bored. I kicked Simon under the table. Just for something to do. “Ow! Stop it,

overflowing with paper and empty soda cans, stood on top of the counter. “There’s no ‘Out of Business’ sign on the door,” Chuck said. He’s a good friend. He saw how disappointed I looked. He was trying to stay hopeful. “It’s empty.” I sighed. “Totally cleaned out. It isn’t going to open up again tomorrow morning.” “Yeah. Guess you’re right,” Chuck murmured. He slapped my shoulder. “Yo — snap out of it. You’ll find a scary mask at some other store.” I pushed myself away from the window. “I

as if it were alive. I dropped the mask, plunged my hand into the carton, and pulled out another one. A disgusting pig face with thick gobs of green stuff dripping from its snout. “That one looks like Carly Beth!” Chuck joked. “These are scarier than the mask Carly Beth had last year,” I said. I pulled another one from the box. A furry animal face, sort of like a gorilla, except that it had two long pointed fangs sliding down past its chin. I dropped it and grabbed up another mask. Then

as I pushed. Pushed. The caped man made a grab for me. I felt his hand brush my ankle. I kicked the hand away. Then I shoved my shoulder hard against the trapdoor. And it opened. “Yes!” A happy cry escaped my throat as I scrambled out into the alley. The cold air rushed against my hot face. I stumbled over something hard — a stone or a brick. I didn’t stop to look. I ran through the narrow alley, to the sidewalk in front of the store. My eyes swept back and forth. I searched for Chuck. No

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