The H. Beam Piper Megapack: 33 Classic Novels and Short Stories!

The H. Beam Piper Megapack: 33 Classic Novels and Short Stories!

H. Beam Piper

Language: English

Pages: 1617

ISBN: 2:00182739

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The H. Beam Piper Megapack collects 33 novels, novellas, and short stories by H. Beam Piper.

• “Time and Time Again”
• “He Walked Around the Horses”
• “Police Operation”
• “The Mercenaries”
• “Last Enemy”
• “Flight From Tomorrow”
• “Operation R.S.V.P.”
• “Dearest”
• “Temple Trouble”
• “Genesis”
• “Day of the Moron”
• “Uller Uprising”
• “Null-ABC”
• “The Return”
• “Time Crime”
• “Omnilingual”
• “The Edge of the Knife”
• “The Keeper”
• “Graveyard of Dreams”
• “Ministry of Disturbance”
• “Hunter Patrol”
• “Crossroads of Destiny”
• “The Answer”
• “Oomphel in the Sky”
• “Four-Day Planet”
• “Naudsonce”
• “Little Fuzzy”
• “A Slave is a Slave”
• “Space Viking”
• “The Cosmic Computer”
• “Rebel Raider”
• “Murder in the Gunroom”


















bullet strike him, just above the hips—no pain; just a tremendous impact. He might have felt the second bullet, too, as the ground tilted and rushed up at his face. Then he was diving into a tunnel of blackness that had no end.… * * * * Captain Fred Benson, of Benson’s Butchers, had been jerked back into consciousness when the field began to build around him. He was struggling to rise, fumbling the grenade out of his pocket, when it collapsed. Sure enough, right in front of him, so close that

thin, like a squirrel’s, reached up and pulled down the fifty-power binoculars on their swinging arm. Miles looked at the screen-map and saw a native village just ahead of the dot of light that marked the position of the aircar. He spoke the native name of the village aloud, and added: “Let down there, Heshto. I’ll see what’s going on.” The native, still looking through the glasses, said, “Right, boss.” Then he turned. His skin was blue-gray and looked like sponge rubber. He was humanoid, to

paper-clips to spaceships. They think it’s…well, not exactly supernatural; extranatural would be closer to expressing their idea. Terrans are natural; they’re just a different kind of people. But oomphel isn’t; it isn’t subject to any of the laws of nature at all. They’re all positive that we don’t make it. Some of them even think it makes us.” * * * * When he got back in the car, the native pilot, Heshto, was lolling in his seat and staring at the crowd of natives along the side of the

individuality reincarnates after physical death—that your personality, and mine, have existed, as such, for ages, and will exist for ages to come. More, they have means of recovering, from almost anybody, memories of past reincarnations. “Well, after about a month, the people at this Reincarnation Institute realized that this Dallona of Hadron wasn’t any ordinary student. She probably had trouble keeping down to the local level of psychic knowledge. So, as soon as she’d learned their techniques,

with Cesário behind me, and found Joe Kivelson and Mohandas Feinberg and Corkscrew Finnegan and Oscar Fujisawa and a dozen other captains and ships’ officers in a huddle. “Joe,” I said, “I just heard about Tom. Do you know anything yet?” Joe turned. “Oh, Walt. Why, as far as we know, he’s alive. He was alive when they got him to the hospital.” “That’s at the spaceport?” I unhooked my handphone and got Dad. He’d heard about a man being splashed, but didn’t know who it was. He said he’d call the

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