The Black Stallion and the Girl

The Black Stallion and the Girl

Walter Farley

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0679820213

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hopeful Farm’s success has greatly increased Alec and Henry’s workload, and finally, Alec decides to seek help. When Pam Athena, a very diminutive and very pretty girl applies for the job, Alec can’t imagine that she could be of any use. But then he sees how well she works with the horses. Even the Black, usually untrusting of strangers, is surprisingly calm around her . . . and it isn’t long before Alec himself falls under her spell.



















way to his office and he steeled himself for the unwelcome task of receiving a visitor so early. He would be courteous but brief, he decided; otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to handle it, not on top of everything else. The girl appeared in his open doorway and said, “Good morning, Sun … I mean, sir.” She corrected herself hastily but without embarrassment. Alec was totally unprepared for a girl visitor. “Son?” he asked bewilderedly. The girl was certainly no older than he. “Sun,” she repeated,

cold water from the hollow of their hands. Then they stretched out on the grass, side by side, and looked up at the stars. The warm earth felt good beneath Alec’s back and slowly he felt tense muscles relax. The feeling stayed with him and he took Pam’s hand. “I give you Arcturus, Pam,” he said, pointing to a big, bright-orange star directly above them. “See it up there? It’s yours.” She laughed, very pleased, and said, “Thank you, sir.” While they were watching, a falling star streaked

had to take the bad with the good. Each had to live with another’s faults as well as his own. The most important thing was to have respect for the other person. He thought of Pam, for she would have said something like that. He wondered if she was on her way to the stable area. She had promised to see him after the race, but her visit wasn’t going to make things any easier. It wasn’t as he’d planned at all. Alec saw Mel Miller leave the party and walk toward them. It was not something Alec had

marvelously smooth skin, then another and still another. He was aware of her, and she spoke to him again. Satan’s chest swelled, his nostrils trembled; then he turned toward her, his eyes lighting up as he moved across the stall. He stood before the iron bars, eager for attention. She reached into the stall and touched him, rubbing the white, diamond-shaped star in the center of his forehead. Alec said, “He was a devil to break, but Henry Dailey, our trainer, worked on him as he will never

them just for you,” she had told him. Alec watched the horses through his binoculars. He had found a place on the rail near the finish line, where he wanted to be when the race ended. The horses were in the chute on the far side of the track. It was a large field of two-year-old colts and fillies, all non-winners. Actually, the race was a cheap one—a six-furlong race against cheap horses, the kind Henry had wanted for their colt’s first start. Except for not being race-hardened, Black Sand

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