The Belly Fat Cure Quick Meals: Lose 4 to 9 lbs. a week with on-the-go CARB SWAPS

The Belly Fat Cure Quick Meals: Lose 4 to 9 lbs. a week with on-the-go CARB SWAPS

Jorge Cruise

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1401937128

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Based on the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Belly Fat Cure Quick Meals™ gives you options to eat on-the-go meals that will keep you losing 4 to 9 lbs. a week. Whether in the kitchen or in a hurry, use the power of the Everyday Carb Swap to enjoy pasta, burgers, chocolate, wine, and even ice cream guilt free! Dig in.


















Chapter: Meal-Replacement Barsd 8 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Acknowledgments About the Author Dear Friend, Do you frequently find yourself so busy that you eat a meal on the go and then feel guilty about it minutes later? You’ve been warned by the media about the many dangers of fast food, but the truth is, you can eat out and avoid the number one cause of belly fat: hidden sugar. Today as a nation, we are busier than ever. I, like you, find myself eating on the run more often

alcohol. If you’re a super-busy person like me, I recommend you pick your favorites and make sure to have one on hand next time you’re in a hurry. BELLY BAD 1. Special K Strawberry Protein Meal Bar: 15/2 2. Zone Perfect Fudge Graham Bar: 15/2 3. PowerBar Performance Energy Peanut Butter: 26/3 4. EAS Myoplex Lite Chocolate Chocolate Chip Crisp Bar: 11/2 5. EAS Myoplex Chocolate Chocolate Chip Nutrition Bar: 14/2 6. Supreme Protein Peanut Butter Crunch: 10/2 7. Snickers Marathon

Cure™ will help lower your cholesterol rather than raise it. In fact, some studies reveal sugar as the largest contributor to high cholesterol. Many sugars travel directly to your liver and get converted to fat, which is sent into your blood, increasing your LDL levels (otherwise known as bad cholesterol). For more information and research, please see The Belly Fat Cure™ and The Belly Fat Cure™ Fast Track. 20. Should I be worried about the amount of sodium found in frozen meals? If you have

life of his or her dreams. A very special thanks to Amber Allen-Sauer, who didn’t stop at just helping herself. Your giving nature and passion for spreading this message is exactly the kind of enthusiasm that drives positive change in our world. (Be sure to check out Amber’s blog: I’d like to also thank my good friends for their support this past year: Lisa Sharkey, Joe Boleware, Jeff Craig, Bo Bortner, Rich Segal, Lauri Stock, Dr. Bob Hirsch, Suze Orman, Bob Wietrak, Mary-Ellen

Inches Lost: 8 As an adolescent, I was always the tall, skinny kid. But in my late teens I developed ulcerative colitis and had terrible eating habits. I battled the disease, and my weight, on and off throughout my 20s and 30s. After spending a week in the hospital with colitis symptoms (and having reached a staggering 225 lbs.), it finally dawned on me that I needed to change what I was eating. I found the Belly Fat Cure™ and started slowly changing my eating habits. Now I’ve gone from being

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