The Bataille Reader

The Bataille Reader

Georges Bataille

Language: English

Pages: 364

ISBN: 0631199594

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Since the publication in France of his Oeuvres Completes in the mid-1970s, the breadth of Bataille's writing and influence has become increasingly apparent across the disciplines in, for example, the fields of literature, art, art history, philosophy, critical theory, sociology, economics, and anthropology.


















love for An insane love creates it, hurling itself at your face in silence. And chance fell on me from heaven's heights like a bolt from the blue - and chance was who I am! A tiny drop shattered by the bolt, a brief moment shines brighter than the sun. In front of me and inside me there's no God, no separate being, but flickering connections. Laughter on my lips, as I recognize chance on them. Chance! 'I'm probably doomed,' mused Thomas. 'I don't have the strength to wait any longer. Even if I

in spite of the majority of poets) . Neither poetry nor laughter nor ecstasy is a response; but the field of possibilities that belongs to them defines activity linked to assertions of negative thought. In this realm, the activity linked to questioning is no longer exterior to it (as it is with partial challenges, which are necessary to the progress of science and technology) . Negative action is decided freely as such (consciously or not) . However, in this positioning, agreement with pure

provoked a virulent response by Andre Breton in the Second Surrealist Manifesto!2 The 'mutual hostility', as Bataille de­ scribes it, earns him specific denunciation in the Manifesto's attack on ex­ surrealists (p. 1 14). In the essay 'The use-value of D. A. F. de Sade', Bataille addresses 'an open letter to my current comrades' in the surrealist movement only to sever Sade from his surrealist, literary admirers and reconceptualize a Marquis with implications for an understanding of social and

sentence, and the infatuation for poetry, on the other hand, makes of untranslatable strings of words a summit. The extreme limit is elsewhere. It is only completely reached if communicated (man is several - solitude is the void, nothingness, lies) . Should some son of expression give evidence of it: the extreme limit is distinct from it. It is never literature. If poetry expresses it, the extreme limit is distinct from it: to the point of not being poetic, for if poetry has it as an object, it

industrial and commercial organization) on the other, even though it is not easily applied to primitive societies and lends itself in general to a certain number of confusions, can nevertheless serve as the basis for the determination of two polarized human impulses: EXCRETION and APPROPRIATION. In other words, during a period in which the religious organization of a given country £s develop£ng, this organization represents the freest opening for excremental collective impulses (orgiastic

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