Survival Chinese: How to Communicate without Fuss or Fear Instantly! (Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook & Dictionary) (Survival Series)

Survival Chinese: How to Communicate without Fuss or Fear Instantly! (Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook & Dictionary) (Survival Series)

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0804845387

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A handy Mandarin Chinese phrasebook and guide to the Chinese language, Survival Chinese contains basic vocabulary necessary for getting around.

This book contains all the necessary words and phrases for speaking Mandarin Chinese in any kind of setting. Perfect for students, tourists, or business people learning Mandarin or traveling to China or Taiwan, it also contains a beginner guide to the Mandarin language, allowing for a deeper understanding of Chinese than a typical Mandarin phrasebook or Chinese dictionary. The book is broken into four basic sections: Common Chinese Expressions and Key Words, Essential Chinese Communication Tools, Chinese Travel Vocabulary, and making your own sentences. All Chinese words and phrases are written in Romanized form (pinyin) as well phonetically, making pronouncing Chinese a breeze. For example, the word for "reservation", yuding is also written as yuu-deeng. Authentic Chinese characters are also included so that in the case of difficulties the book can be shown to the person the user is trying to communicate with.

Key features of Survival Chinese include:

  • Hundreds of useful Chinese words and expressions.
  • An A-Z index which allows the book to function as a English to Chinese dictionary.
  • Romanized forms, phonetic spellings, and Chinese Characters (Hanzi) for all words and phrases.
  • A concise background and history of the Chinese language.
  • A complete guide to Chinese pronunciations.
  • A concise guide to using Chinese tones.
  • A brief introduction to Chinese grammar.















(jee-jern shr) ࠎᅺ൓ fashao-le (fah-shou-ler) ‫ة‬೸৾ tiwen (tee-wern) ยົ touteng (toe-terng) ๒ธ shangfeng-le (shahng-ferng-ler) ೮‫৾ٮ‬ duzi teng (doo-dzu terng) ‫װ‬ሚธ xieduzi (she-eh-doo-dzu) ཯‫װ‬ሚ youliji (you-lee-jee) ႝ৔ࠏ shiwu zhongdu (shr-woo johng-doo) ഴ໨ᆹ‫ק‬ outu (oh-too) ୦๝ ya teng (yah terng) ࿓ธ yayi (yah-ee) ࿓ီ yake yisheng (yak-ker ee-sherng) ࿓ऽီഝ guomin (gwoh-meen) ݀ૣ gao xueya (gow shu-eh-yah) ‫ۄ‬྽࿌ Health / Help 83 eyes eyeglasses health insurance yan (yahn) ࿮ yanjing (yahn-jeeng) ࿮࣎

kilometer gram kilogram liter gallon hectare (2.47 acres) foot inch mile yard limi (lee-me) ঺૆ mi (me) ૆ gongli (gohng-lee) ‫ৄۮ‬ gongke (gohng-ker) ‫ूۮ‬ gongjin (gohng-jeen) ‫ࢪۮ‬ sheng (sherng) ഠ jialun (jah-loon) ࠰੩ gongqing (gohng-cheeng) ‫౑ۮ‬ yingchi (eeng-chr) ၱӮ yingcun (eeng-tsoon) ၱՔ yingli (eeng-lee) ၱৄ ma (mah) ੼ Personal Titles Mr. Mrs. Miss / Ms 90 Part One Xiansheng (She-ahn sherng) ༟ഝ Taitai (Tie-tie) ෨෨ Furen (Foo-wren) ‫ٹ‬ಐ Nushi (Nwee-shr) ୙ീ Academic Titles chancellor,

౒໩‫ט‬ൗ Please Line Up Qing Paidui (Jeeng Pie-dway) ౒୰‫׼‬ Police Jingcha (Jeeng-chah) ࣈҝ Public Bath Gongyong Yu Chi (Gohng-yohng Yuu Chr) ‫ۮ‬႒჎ӧ Public Telephone Gongyong dianhua (Gohng-yohng Deean-hwah) ‫ۮ‬႒ֲޯ 124 Part Three Public Toilet Pull (to open door) Push (to open door) Reserved Self-Service Smoking Permitted Sold Out Full House Ticket Office Toilet Vacancy Waiting Room Welcome Admission Free Gongyong Cesuo (Gohng-yohng Tserswoh) ‫ۮ‬႒ҏෘ La (Lah) ং Tui (Tway) ๡ Yuyue

(gwoh-wigh) ܽ๽ Hua Qiao (Hwah Chee-ow) ީయ haiwai ban (high-wigh- bahn) ݄๽Ϛ suoyouren (swoh-you-wren) ෘ႟ಐ Taiping Yang (Tie-peeng Yahng) ෨ெဆ baoguo (bow-gwoh) ϱܿ baota (bow-tah) Ϲෝ henteng (hern-terng) ‫ݽ‬ธ xiong mao (shee-ong mao) ྑગ zhi (jr) ᆦ fumu (foo-moo) ‫ڝ‬ଅ Bali (Bah-lee) ςঽ tingche chang (teeng-cher chahng) ฾ӄҰ huoban (hwoh-bahn) ߮Ϟ jihui (jwee-hway) ࣴߠ luke (lwee-ker) ੔ॄ huzhao (hoo-jow) ‫ޣ‬ᅠ huzhao haoma (hoo-jow how-mah) ‫ޣ‬ᅠ‫੼ݦ‬ gaodian (gow-dee-an) ‫֮ۇ‬ gaodian

(chee-an jerng) ఐᆍ keren (ker-wren) ॄಐ cihui (tsu-hway) Էߢ vodka volleyball voltage vomit [W] wait waiter, waitress waiting room walk (noun) wallet wall poster warm wash, clean washing machine watch (wrist) water waterfront way, lane weather weather forecast wedding weekend welcome Westernized Western toilet windbreaker wine wine pub winter futejia (foo-ter-jee-ah) ‫ڃ‬ต࠰ paiqiu (pie-cheo) ୰ౙ dianya (dee-an-yah) ֲ࿌ outu (oh-too) ୦๝ deng (derng) ֓ fuwuyuan (foo-woo-ywahn) ‫څ‬໪პ houke

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