Summer Term at St. Clare's

Summer Term at St. Clare's

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 150

ISBN: 0603553834

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is the third in the series about Pat and Isabel, the O'Sullivan twins, and their adventures at a boarding school for girls.















her best friend?” Miss Roberts was, for once, too engrossed in her thoughts to look at the clock. She began to go round the class to see what work had been done. When she came to the last girl, she stood up and gave an order. “Time for the oral test. Shut your books please.” Then she took a glance at the clock, and stared in surprise. Why, it was the end of the lesson already! How quickly the time had gone – but of course, she had had to waste some of it waiting about for nothing in the

serve back to me. Next month there are going to be matches against St. Christopher’s and Oakdene, and I jolly want to be in the team from the first form.” “Well, I’ll come and let you practise on me,” said Bobby, with a last glare at Prudence, “but it’s not a bit of good me hoping to be in any tennis team. Come on. Let’s leave old Sour-Milk behind.” How Prudence hated that name! But whenever she made one of her unkind remarks, some one was sure to whisper “Sour-Milk”. Prudence would look

Bobby caught hold of her leg and pulled her under. Prudence struggled away and made for the side of the pool at once, calling to Miss Wilton. “Miss Wilton, oh Miss Wilton, Bobby is almost drowning me! Miss Wilton, call Bobby out!” Miss Wilton looked round in surprise at the yells from Prudence. Bobby by this time had got to the other end of the pool and was almost dying of laughter. “What do you mean, saying that Bobby is drowning you?” said Miss Wilton, impatiently. “Bobby’s right at

marvellous!” “I meant my news to hurt her – and it’s only brighten her good luck and friendship,” thought Prudence, bitterly. “Whatever shall I do about it?” 12. BOBBY GETS A SHOCK Carlotta was a very popular person after this upheaval. Her complete honesty and frankness has disarmed every one, and to most of the girls, she suddenly appeared as a most surprising and romantic person. Even the second formers were thrilled, though as a rule, they professed rather to turn up their noses at

the trouble that she had caused through being such a mischief maker. “Look – there’s the dawn coming,” said Pat, looking to the east, where a pale silvery light was spreading. “In another half-hour the sun will be up. For goodness’ sake – let’s tell Miss Theobald now. We can’t wait for Carlotta any longer.” So Pat and Isabel went down to awaken Miss Theobald, and the Head listened in growing alarm to their curious tale. She had just reached out to take the telephone receiver in order to get

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