Storm Season ~ One Storm, 3 Novellas

Storm Season ~ One Storm, 3 Novellas

Erica Spindler, Alex Kava, J.T. Ellison

Language: English

Pages: 200


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The second exciting collaboration from Erica Spindler, Alex Kava and J.T. Ellison.

One terrifying storm; three thrilling tales.

They call it an Alberta Clipper – a massive storm system that rides the jet stream southward from Canada and across the United States. It’s early October, and this storm is unleashing its fury from Illinois to Florida – where it collides with a tropical disturbance and rages up the eastern seaboard. In the midst of the wind, rain and snow, Rockford Homicide Detective M.C. Riggio, FBI profiler Maggie O’Dell, and Nashville Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson find themselves fighting not just the elements, but three diabolical killers ...

Rockford, Illinois – A young co-ed’s body is pulled from the Rock River, and Violent Crimes Bureau Detective Mary Catherine “M.C.” Riggio and her partner, Kitt Lundgren, quickly learn that things are not always as they appear at first glance. When it’s determined that the girl’s death was no accident, the detectives start collecting information about her life – and discover a connection that hits too close to home for M.C. With a major winter weather system moving in and threatening to shut down the city, M.C. and Kitt race to fit together the scattered pieces of a chilling puzzle – one that may prove more devastating than the storm.

Pensacola, Florida – FBI Agent Maggie O’Dell is about to do something she swore she’d never do again: climb into a helicopter. Worse, that helicopter is about to take her out over the Gulf of Mexico, in the face of a nasty storm system that has already dumped rain and snow in record-breaking amounts across the eastern half of the country. But a U.S. Senator’s family has gone missing aboard their houseboat, and Maggie and her partner, R.J. Tully, have been dispatched from Washington, D.C. to accompany the rescue crew on their search. While Tully remains on shore to ferret out clues as to what happened to the boat, Maggie flies out with the Coast Guard to find it. With wind and rain threatening to knock their chopper out of the sky, Maggie and Coast Guard rescue swimmer Liz Bailey board the houseboat in an effort to save the Senator’s family – only to discover an even greater danger on board.

Washington, D.C. – Metro Nashville Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson has reluctantly agreed to take the place of her fiancé, FBI profiler John Baldwin, as a presenter at the annual Freedom Conference – a foreign intelligence initiative attended by the best in the business of ‘clandestine services’. Then a blizzard effectively isolates their hotel on Chesapeake Bay – no power, no generators, and no possibility of outside help. When two guests go missing, and one of them is found dead in his room, Taylor discovers an assassin amongst the spies – one with a deadly score to settle.

In STORM SEASON, Erica Spindler, Alex Kava and J.T. Ellison team up to bring you their most exciting thriller novella yet!











and that strange man, Zanderei, and he remembered the days when his one desire had been to get out of Sanctuary.  It seemed to him that his life had consisted of cycles in which he dreamed of escape, found new hope for life in Sanctuary, discovered that his hope was unjustified, and began to plan flight once more. This last time, when he had found that if he stuck to mythological subjects and chose his models carefully he could turn Enas Yorl’s gift to a blessing, he had been sure that his

plan.  With the mention of the Stepsons, Cubert had re-entered the room, and Cythen was warm for blood; the hawkmasks all had reasons for vengeance.  Even Thrusher, still rubbing his sore head, acted as if this were a challenge that must be answered.  Walegrin tucked the boss in his belt-pouch. “We know it was a Stepson, but we don’t know who,” Walegrin said, though he suspected the one who had overturned Illyra’s table earlier.  “We don’t have time to run them all to ground, and I don’t think

telling himself he’d do the same for any of his men, and not entirely believing it. “They’ve got Thrusher and Cubert’s dead!” she sobbed. He took her hands, trying to distract her from the hysteria that made her all but incoherent.  “What about Thrush?” Cythen buried her face in her hands, sniffed loudly then faced Walegrin without the tears.  “We were Downwind, past Momma Becho’s.  We were trailing a Stepson pair we’d been told passed that way after sundown carrying a body.  Thrush was

faith, he was to begin helping Niko and Janni infiltrate them. When the last of the men had wandered off to game or drink or duty, he had stayed at the shrine awhile, considering Vashanka and the god’s habit of leaving him to fight both their battles as best he could. So it was that he heard a soft sound, half hiccough and half sniffle, from the altar’s far side, as the dusk cloaked him close. When he went to see what it was, he saw Jihan, sitting slumped against a rough hewn plinth, tearing

not sure if either question was the right one.  Seismic disruptions disturbed his brain and his stomach felt both hollow and drawn together. Because they needed him, they told him without equivocation, for what was pride to gods? The Ilsigi his people, and Sanctuary called Thieves’ World needed him, and the world needed him.  It was not just that Ils and his family would wane and shrink and perish.  Ranke would rule supreme over all the world, and Ranke was ruled by men other than good (“for my

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