Steve Jobs: Thinking Differently

Steve Jobs: Thinking Differently

Patricia Lakin

Language: English

Pages: 93

ISBN: 1481435302

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This must-read biography of Steve Jobs provides an “absorbing, detailed account of Apple’s first heady days” 'School Library Journal' and beyond, and is specially written for a younger audience.

Visionary. Pioneer. Little terror. Entrepreneur. Inventor. College dropout. Creative genius.

These are just a few of the words used to describe the late Steve Jobs, cofounder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. In this comprehensive biography for middle grade readers, discover the story of the “Thomas Edison of our time.”

Originally published in 2012, this revised edition includes eight pages of photos as well as a timeline and index.













agreed to pay for half the repair, but that took a huge chunk out of his savings. Somehow, the Steves scraped together what they needed and found someone who would print up Woz’s circuit boards. Steve also convinced Woz to include one other partner, forty-one-year-old Ron Wayne, who had come to work at Atari after his Nevada business failed. Since Woz knew that he and Steve were not the most business savvy, he agreed to include Wayne. It was decided that for Wayne’s expertise, he would own 10

than the last office in Cupertino. But Woz wasn’t happy with the added tensions, responsibilities, and meetings that a big business brings. He became increasingly upset at Steve’s many outbursts. What happened to that initial idea that Steve had fed him—start a business and have fun? Scott, too, had hoped to keep the business somewhat small. To maintain order, divisions were set up and employees reported to a division head. Steve was frustrated with this reorganization. He also knew that the

cars—many sported curved edges. Steve told the team that rounded edges were everywhere. He pointed to tables, chairs, and other objects around the room. To finally settle the dispute, he took the employee for a walk outside. He pointed out car lines, all curved. When Steve pointed to the rounded corners on the No Parking sign, the team member gave up and conceded the argument. This was a revolutionary design concept. Steve also insisted that the Macintosh have different styles of fonts—or styles

lobby of a New York City hotel. After the three of them talked, Steve asked Mona if they could be alone. He then took her on a long walk. It was exactly the kind of activity Mona enjoyed. They discovered how similar they were: both had intense personalities, were attentive to the tiniest details of their surroundings, and were passionate about their work. It was the beginning of a close relationship between the two siblings. • • • The day-to-day complications and struggles of NeXT and Pixar

their child. And so, in San Francisco, California, on February 24, 1955, when their baby boy was born, they put him up for adoption. Joanne Scheible, the baby’s birth mother, felt strongly that the adoptive parents had to be college graduates. Her first choice was a lawyer and his wife. But that couple wanted a girl. The next family on the adoption agency’s list was Clara and Paul Jobs. They were delighted to adopt either a boy or a girl and open their home and their hearts to this infant. The

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