Son of the Black Stallion

Son of the Black Stallion

Walter Farley

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0679813454

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Alec receives the Black Stallion’s first son as a gift, he believes his dreams have come true, but Satan’s savage arrogance makes him dangerous and unpredictable. Still, Alec is resolved to gain the fiery colt’s trust, even if he must risk his life to do it.

















That, and other things. How would his father react when he asked him to register the horse in his name? What would his father say when he told him he didn’t want to go back to school? Tomorrow, he decided, would be a better time to talk to him than tonight. Tomorrow, Saturday, when his father didn’t have to go to work, and might not have such a vivid recollection of all that had happened today. Tomorrow … Alec didn’t know how long he had lain there when he heard the sound of footsteps on the

could come to it.” They stood there silently for a moment, looking at each other. Then, “Is he down there?” Mrs. Ramsay asked eagerly. “He really should see it, you know. After all, it’s his birthday.” Alec hesitated before turning to Satan’s stall. “He’s in there,” he said quietly. And then his mother moved forward, too quickly for Alec to stop her, and she didn’t come to a halt until she was in front of the stall door. “He’s in the back, Alec,” she said disappointedly. “Have him come forward

was riding him … to learn what kind of training the giant black colt needed to bring him along to his finest racing peak. So, at the beginning, the old trainer talked little to Alec, and when he gave his instructions before the boy took Satan into the field for his daily schooling, his sentences were terse and to the point. Alec would do as he was told, for he, too, knew that this early training was important if they were to race Satan. Day after day Alec rode his horse about the field, holding

hoofs and flashing silks. Then out of the melee several horses on the rail burst forward, their jockeys cutting away with their sticks. Alec felt Satan hesitate as he saw the swinging whips on his left; then the colt swerved hard to the right. Alec let him move over, his voice alone urging him on. The horse on the outside came up fast as Satan fell back and Alec’s face went white when he saw the jockey using his whip. Satan checked his speed again when the horse came up on his right, and swerved

away from the gray when Ward said, “Where’s your stick, kid? You’ll need a stick today.” Turning in his saddle, Alec looked at Ward’s wizened face without answering. “Aw, I forgot,” Ward said sarcastically. “That big horse of yours is afraid of a stick, ain’t he? That’s tough, kid.” Ward swung his stick alongside the Comet. “Mighty tough.” Satan’s ears swept back as Ward’s stick passed close by him. But he didn’t swerve or pull away, and Alec stroked him gently while he kept his eyes on Ward.

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