Sherlock Holmes in America

Sherlock Holmes in America

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1602399344

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Just in time for Sherlock Holmes, the major motion picture starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law: the world’s greatest fictional detective and his famous sidekick Dr. Watson are on their first trip across the Atlantic as they solve crimes all over nineteenth-century America—from the bustling neighborhoods of New York, Boston, and D.C. to fog-shrouded San Francisco. The world’s best-loved British sleuth faces some of the most cunning criminals America has to offer and meets some of America’s most famous figures along the way.

This exciting new anthology features over a dozen original short stories by award-winning and prominent writers, each in the extraordinary tradition of Conan Doyle, and each with a unique American twist. Featuring new stories by:

  • Edgar Award–winner Daniel Stashower
  • Edgar Award–winner Jon L. Breen
  • Shamus Award–winner Loren Estleman
  • Derringer Award–winner Steve Hockensmith
  • Anthony Award–winner Bill Crider
  • And many more!













Mr. Holmes. We met—” “I remember you well, Armitage, and I am pleased to greet a fellow Londoner. You are fully Americanized, I see.” “It’s true I’ve been here several years now, and some say I’m developing an American accent, though I can’t hear it myself. Why do you think me Americanized?” “Your tiepin and cufflinks identify you as member of some sort of baseball supporters club, and the handle of your walking stick depicts an ornate American eagle. You appear to be chewing gum, a habit that

after the, er, change?” I asked. “Lord love you, Doctor!” the boy chortled. “The little girl wot seen the ‘old lady’ go in, tried to touch ’er for summat, you see, and noticed she was shy a fingernail on ’er right hand wot she swotted ’er with—and didn’t the very same detail ’ppear on the gent who come out after, and swotted ’er too?” “This is very good work, young Wiggins,” pronounced Holmes, “on the young lady’s part as well as your own! I’ve always said the Science of Observation—” “Begging

clamour broke out in the hall. We all dashed out, to see Lee, with a bloodied bandage round his head, being supported by two of Mrs. Legrange’s servants. Behind them was Mrs. Legrange herself, tears streaming down her cheeks, trembling like a trapped sparrow. “It’s my fault, my fault entirely. How can you ever forgive me?” Barratt took charge of events with efficiency and had a couch made up in the parlour. I offered my services but also suggested sending for the family doctor, as a matter of

brushed the last of the walnut shells into his handkerchief. “Do I understand that you fancy yourself a detective now?” “You’ve come to the right man. I shall locate Addison Tate for you, and I shall solve the mystery of his disappearance, or my name isn’t—” “But there’s no mystery about it, Houdini! He simply fled after the gun went off. The police will find him soon enough.” Harry’s face fell. “No mystery? Then why have you come to see me?” “You’re still a magician, aren’t you?” “I am ‘The

particular kitten’s arrival, Mrs. Smith took us at once to an enclosed room like a conservatory filled with fresh light from a roof of skylights. There, cats and kittens played, stretched, slept. Mrs. Smith began sorting through the menagerie with swift but gentle hands. “When summer approaches, the number of animals given away or homeless increases greatly. It is a rather cruel habit of people to turn out their cats, or leave them inside to suffer and starve, while they leave Boston for the

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