Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 1 of 3

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 1 of 3

Language: English

Pages: 546

ISBN: 1523895225

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume 1 of 3 is the first part in the massive history of the end of the Han dynasty.















entered the city. As he was starting he saw the executioners hurrying forward a prisoner who proved to be Ch'en Lin. "You wrote that manifesto for Yuan Shao. If you had only directed your diatribe against me, it would not have mattered. But why did you shame my forefathers?" said Ts'ao. "When the arrow is on the string, it must fly," replied Lin. Those about Ts'ao urged him to put Ch'en Lin to death, but he was spared on account of his genius and given a small civil post. Now Ts'ao's eldest

stood. So in a mighty voice he shouted,"I am Chang I-te of Yen; who dares fight with me?" At the sound of this thundrous voice a terrible quaking fear seized upon Ts'ao and he bade them take the umbrella away. Turning to his followers he said,"Kuan Yu said that his brother Chang Fei was the sort of man to go through an army of a hundred legions and take the head of its commander-in-chief; and do it easily. Now here is this terror in front of us and we must be careful." As he finished speaking

why did you not carry out your plan?" asked Lu. "Because of that Kuan Yu; he is a very tiger and he never left his brother for a moment. If anything had been attempted he would certainly have had my life." Lu Su knew that he spoke the truth. Then suddenly they announced a messenger with a letter from Ts'ao Ts'ao. Chou Yu ordered them to bring him in and took the letter. But when he saw the superscription "The First Minister of Han to Commander-in-Chief Chou," he fell into a frenzy of rage, tore

feeling for Kuan Yu to accomplish and so act handsomely." "Indeed there are few such far-seeing men as you are," said Yuan-te. The two then went to Fank'ou whence they might watch Chou Yu's evolutions. Sun Chuan and Chien Yung were left on guard. Ts'ao Ts'ao was in his great camp in conference with his advisers and awaiting the arrival of Huang Kai. The southeast wind was very strong that day and Cheng Yu was insisting on the necessity for precaution, But Ts'ao laughed saying,"The Winter

said,"How can you behave so rudely when you come on a mission? Your whole attitude was blunt and discourteous. Happily for you our lord remembered you had come from afar and did not take open notice of your fault. The best thing for you is to go home again as quickly as you can." But Chang Sung smiled."We have no plausible flatterers and glib talkers in our western country," said he. At this, one from below the steps called out,"So you call us plausible and glib then; and you have none such in

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