Research on the West Triangle Economic Zone: Development of the Anti-gradient Region (Enrich Series on China's Economics Issues, Volume 6)

Research on the West Triangle Economic Zone: Development of the Anti-gradient Region (Enrich Series on China's Economics Issues, Volume 6)

Shao Feng

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 2:00192313

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As the first academic monograph on the Western Economic Triangular Zone(WETZ), this book systemically analyzes the development of the WETZ by exploring the reasons, the methods and the timeline of its formation. With the gradual deepening of reform, Chinas regional economy will experience a transition from non-balanced development to balanced development, which gives rise to the growth of Midwest China. Using theoretical and empirical analyses and comparisons between strategic value and practical significance, the basis of development and growth potential of the WETZ are examined in an in-depth exploration of industrial development, spatial strategy, transportation development, urban-rural coordination and enclave economy from the perspectives of integration and innovation. The author concludes by offering relevant proposals for building an integrated system in the WETZ.

















about different ultimate effects on the entire economy.” As a matter of fact, not all economic zones can develop into economic growth poles, and the economic scale is not in direct proportion to the possibility of economic growth. Perroiix believed that the formation of a growth pole requires certain initial conditions, including sufficient enterprises, entrepreneurs with innovative capacity, a certain scale economic effect, and the appropriate economic growth environment. In addition, an

(Beijing: China Statistics Press, 2009). Comparison of basic strength From the perspective of basic strength, the West Triangle economic zone has the largest population and area, and its population is slightly larger than that of the Yangtze River Delta and nearly 50% larger than that of the Pearl River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The area of the West Triangle is approximately two times that of the three major economic zones in coast areas. Hence, the West Triangle is an

Railways in operation and under construction in the West Triangle economic zone Railways Departure and terminal stations Direction Function Mileage (kilometer) LanzhouLianyungang Railway LanzhouLianyungang East-west Trans-regional traffic artery: cross over eastern, central, and western regions 1,759 Xi’an-Baotou Railway Xi’an-Baotou Southnorth Line connecting with the area outside the zone: link up Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia 801 Xi’an-Houma Railway Xi’an-Houma East-west

will reach 4,650 kilometers. Meanwhile, the freeway network of Chongqing would be composed of three loop lines, ten radiation lines, and three link lines (“three loops, ten radiation lines, and three link lines” for short), with a total length of about 3,888 kilometers. This 145 RESEARCH ON THE WEST TRIANGLE ECONOMIC ZONE freeway network has begun to take shape at the present. The three loop lines refer to the inner loop freeway, the loop freeway, and the outer loop freeway. The ten radiation

This terminal is furnished with a total of 8 boarding gates, of which 6 are near, 9 check-in counters, 4 inspection and quarantine channels, 5 customs channels, 11 border control channels, and 5 VIP lounges. The apron covers an area of 380,000 square meters and can accommodate 45 planes. The 3,200 meterlong runway is applicable for the movements of large- and medium-sized aircraft such as A340 and B747. The second runway is currently under construction. Chongqing Light Rail Line No. 3 is

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