Pinterest For Dummies

Pinterest For Dummies

Kelby Carr

Language: English

Pages: 216

ISBN: 1118328000

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Organize your life, your likes, and more with Pinterest and this fun how-to guide

Now you can organize your digital life with Pinterest, a hot new site that lets you create visual bookmarks of your favorite things and "pin" them on virtual pinboards. Want to save something from a blog? Have a favorite retail website? Want to pin a quick photo you took with your phone? Organize them all with Pinterest and this fast, friendly guide that shows you just how to do it. You'll see how to set up an account and your boards, how to pin and re-pin, where to use hashtags, find ways to share pins with your other social networks, and more.

  • Helps you get the most out of Pinterest, a visual collection of bookmarks that you can organize into virtual pinboards
  • Shows you how to set up an account and boards, how to pin and re-pin, use hashtags and like pins, and even share pins with your other social networks
  • Also discusses Power Pinners, using search, and finding people to follow
  • Offers tips, trick, and techniques to make the process easy and enjoyable

Pinterest is fun and easy, and even more so with Pinterest for Dummies!














but don’t want to publicly like or repin it, you can use this option to e-mail it to yourself. Utilizing the Explore tab in the iPhone app The second icon from the left in the menu on the bottom of the screen is for the Explore tab. Tap this tab to see a menu of the Pinterest categories. (See Figure 7-6.) You can use the Search function at the top to find pins, boards, or people related to a specific term, or scroll down to see the full list of categories. Tap a category to see recent pins for

applicable to the image). You can include a URL in a description to link to more information, even if you’re pinning an image directly. For example, if you pin an image of a delicious dish from a restaurant, you can include the restaurant’s website URL to help people find out more about the eatery. There are many subtle nuances (sometimes it’s a matter of a really funny or emotional image, sometimes it’s really helpful tutorials and how-to’s, and sometimes it’s just a pretty picture) to what’s

create a board for your own self-promotional content (as you can see a member has done in Figure 8-5). Figure 8-5: This board identifies self-promotional pins. The nice thing about creating a board for your own self-promotion is it clearly tells your followers a pin is self-promotional, which is good for disclosure and shouldn’t annoy anyone unless you do self-promotional pins in rapid-fire fashion. Having such a board also makes it easy for someone who is interested in your self- promoting

pins. Install the Pinterest mobile app on your iPhone if you have one. (See Chapter 7 for detailed instructions.) In fact, I use Pinterest more often on my iPhone than on my computer. It’s great for those boring times in life when you need to kill a couple minutes, such as standing in a line or waiting for an appointment to start. With the app installed on your phone, you can hop onto Pinterest anywhere. At the time of this writing, the only native app is on iPhone, but there is also a mobile

click the Add button next to the name. To invite someone via e-mail, type or paste in e-mail addresses one at a time in the field that appears when you click Me + Contributors and then click Add. Some people don’t like to be added to boards without being asked first, especially because the boards then appear on their own profiles. When in doubt, it’s best to check with people first before you add them to a group board. Figure 2-4: You can add contributors to a board. Rearranging Your Boards

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