Noodle (The Puppy Place #11)

Noodle (The Puppy Place #11)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 0545034574

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Welcome to the Puppy Place--where every puppy finds a home!

Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. They have a puppy of their own but they still foster other puppies who need their help.

When Lizzie spots Noodle he's in some major trouble. Once they rescue him, the Peterson's can't figure out where his people are. Lizzie is determined to find Noodle's family, but the question is, do they want to be found?





















collar. Dad was home by the time Lizzie and Charles got back from the lake. Lizzie ran straight for the garage and grabbed the collar. “See?” she said, when she was back in the kitchen. She showed it to her dad. “We forgot about the other tag!” Her words tumbled out as she explained. She picked up the magnifying glass on the table and looked at the tag. “Boston!” she said. “This says the dog was registered in Boston. Maybe Noodle’s owners are summer people who were up at one of the cabins for

puppy. “Why didn’t I look for him?” Mrs. Rispoli asked. “I did! I looked and looked!” She put Noodle down and watched with tears in her eyes as he ran off to wrestle with Buddy. “I drove up to our house on Loon Lake last Friday morning, just to pick up some extra chairs we needed for a huge surprise party for my mother’s birthday,” Mrs. Rispoli explained. “We’d been planning the party for months. Bronson — I mean, Noodle — came with me. When we left Boston, I couldn’t find his collar, so I just

the open water. “I think the puppy sees them coming!” she said. Lizzie handed the binoculars back to her dad. She squinched her eyes shut, crossed her fingers, and wished hard that the rescuers would get there in time. Crack! Lizzie’s eyes popped open and her hand flew to her mouth. “Oh, no!” she said as she watched a long black line drawing itself across the gray surface of the lake. Then she saw another line, and another. Crack! Crack! Crack! Tyler and Emily were only a few feet away from the

the Bean. Lizzie and Charles looked at each other, shrugged, and followed Buddy. Noodle had run into the living room, and now he was investigating. He trotted from the couch to the rocking chair to the bookshelves to the fireplace, sniff-sniff-sniffing everything. When he sniffed under Mom’s blue easy chair, he started to sneeze so hard that he fell over — but he just rolled around for a second and then jumped to his feet, still sneezing. What a silly puppy! The Bean clapped his hands and

that her family was only a foster family, and that the puppies they cared for did not belong to them and would not belong to them. But there was something about Noodle. Something really special. How could it be that his people had not even called the police? Maybe Noodle had been abandoned. Maybe his people did not love him or did not want him — although Lizzie couldn’t imagine why not. Maybe the way he had come into the Petersons’ lives was proof that Noodle was meant to be part of their

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