Movie Comedy Teams (Plume)

Movie Comedy Teams (Plume)

Leonard Maltin

Language: English

Pages: 373

ISBN: 0452256941

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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WPIX-TV in New York, did a 90-minute tribute to Stan and Babe on a minimal budget that had more meaning than CBS's expensive effort. McCann saluted Laurel and Hardy in the proper way, by letting people see them on film, at their best, and reaffirm the contention that Laurel and Hardv were the greatest comedy team of all time. The Films of laurel and Hardy Stan Laurel made his first film in 1917. Because he worked mostly for established studios, starring in his own comedies, an existing list of

the film's final, and most inventive, gag-the Gls borrow a nearby billboard sign for the film rsr volcA BoATMEN, and, poking their heads through those on the advertisement, they shuffie their way back to camp. Their next film, serlons BEWARE, actually did co-star Laurel and Hardy, but not as a team. Each one worked within his own plot in the picture, and their scenes together were few. Nevertheless, the film showed both Stan and Ollie to good advantage, with Stan as a cabdriver who accidentally

is quite funny, and holds up better today than many of the official L & H shorts! Eugene Pallette sells Ollie an insurance policy for Stan in r HE BAln.E oF THE cEN'tuRY. This leads to the now-classic pie fight thal climaxed the film. LAUREL AND HARDY I9 THE BATTLE oF THE cENTURy, since its first exposure in many years in Robert Youngson's coLDEN AGE oF coMEDY and leuRel eNo HeRDy's LAUGHTNc 20's, has taken on classic status, and deservedly so. Its climax is the greatest piethrowing battle

drops in on the doctor's office, and the two men conduct a Ceorge and Franklin Pangborn do their best to make sense out of Gracie in IN'I'ERNATIONAI, HOUSE. hilarious question-and-answer session with Gracie. Here it is, in part: Burns: I've got a good mind to get a different nurse. Pangborn: No no, doctor, don't do that-this one is different enough. Burns: Well then, you talk to her. Pangborn: (To Gracie) You know, you're very smart. To what do you attribute your smartness? Allen: Three

ever did. was a very dear pal, and I also worked with Clark and McCullough. I first saw Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis when they had just become a team. They were playing at Bill Miller's Riviera Night Club in New Jersey; I think it was in 1946. After their show they came to my table and introduced themselves and we became friends. Jerry came to our house frequently and I stiil see him occasionally. There always seems to be one outstanding comedy team in each era. Rowan and Martin are the

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