Mermaid Curse: The Golden Circlet

Mermaid Curse: The Golden Circlet

Louise Cooper

Language: English

Pages: 180


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lizzy Baxter's life is turned upside down when she moves to Cornwall and discovers that she has a long-lost brother and that their mother is a mermaid. Lizzy soon learns that the tranquil underwater world is ruled by an evil mermaid queen, Taran, who will stop at nothing to complete her power. After a terrifying battle, Taran is one step nearer to her goal. But then she disappears. Lizzy is suspicious. She knows Taran needs the black pearl – the key to ultimate power – but how is she planning to get it?

A thrilling final episode by Louise Cooper, the renowned fantasy writer.




















stopped. More whistling and chattering followed, and Morvyr translated for Lizzy. ‘Arhans says it was a hard chase, but they were too fast for Taran,’ she told her. Then her mouth curved in a smile. ‘She tried to use magic against them. But it didn’t work. Her power really is gone.’ Lizzy and Kes laughed delightedly, and Taran snarled at them in a way that reminded Lizzy of Tullor. ‘Thieves!’ she spat. ‘Traitors and thieves!’ ‘You are the traitor and thief, Taran, not us,’ Morvyr replied

Jack’s enigmatic smile came back. ‘Ah, but there is,’ he said. ‘You’ll see when we get there.’ The boat motored on. The island Jack had pointed out came closer and closer – then suddenly Rose grabbed Lizzy’s arm and cried, ‘Look! Oh, look!’ The great lighthouse beam was sweeping round again, and as it lit up the sea around the boat, they saw shapes in the water, leaping and surging and gliding effortlessly along with them. ‘Dolphins and seals!’ Rose was almost bouncing with delight. ‘Oh, how

Jack gave Rose one of the oyster shells. ‘Open it very carefully – like this.’ He laid the other shell in the palm of one hand, and with the other gently prised the two halves open. Inside was a tiny pool of liquid that sparkled with all the colours of the rainbow. Rose, still wide-eyed, opened her own shell and gazed in wonder. ‘All you have to do is drink it,’ said Jack. He smiled. ‘Shall we both do it together?’ She nodded. They put their shells to their lips and drank. Rose swallowed,

examined it. It seemed quite ordinary; it didn’t rattle when she shook it, and there were no patterns on it that might be a code or something. Carefully Rose held it to her ear and heard a rushing, whispering noise, like the surge of waves breaking. She had expected that; she had learned long ago at school that it was just the echo of her own pulse. But there was nothing else. Disappointed, she began to put the shell down again – then paused. There was another sound in her head; not just the

might be planning. And then she remembered something. ‘Kes …’ She stopped, treading water and back-finning with her hands to stay in place. ‘I didn’t tell you before, but – something a bit strange happened at the aquarium.’ ‘Oh?’ Kes frowned. ‘What?’ She told him about the dizzy spell Rose had had while she was looking at Tullor. ‘Mum and Dad thought it was because of the weird light in there, and the enclosed space and that sort of thing. But… well, it isn’t like Rose to do that.’ Kes

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