Love, Loss, Longing (DLP Anthology Book 3)

Love, Loss, Longing (DLP Anthology Book 3)

Joe Ducie

Language: English

Pages: 223


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Love, Loss, Longing - A DLP Love Story Anthology

The third volume in the DLP Anthology series contains 10 lovely stories - from romance, to heartache, and all manner of vampire love in the Old West!

Will an Alchemist betray his vows for the one he loves? Can a father avenge his child in a world gone mad with superheroes and villains? Follow two gunslingers, cursed with Truth, to a town of mirrors hiding cruel love.

Love, Loss, Longing contains work from 10 strong voices - authors new and seasoned and who see romance and love through a multi-genre lens.

Praise for DLP Anthology #1:

4.9/5 on Amazon Reviews.

"A truly excellent collection of stories. I would happily recommend any one of them individually, but in a single volume? A definite buy for the discerning short-story reader. Whether for bedtime reading, or those long, boring train journeys, these wonderfully written characters will delight your inner anti-hero and leave you wanting for more."

"One of the best compliations of short stories I have read. Was blown away by the amazing variety of settings below the overarching theme. Definitely worth a buy and read!"

"There lies the major problem with this otherwise well-put-together anthology: as an assembly of work by mostly unpublished authors, I've been limited in my ability to further read work from them. Hopefully, either a second anthology or longer published works will correct this error."



















neck. “Well,” he said, “now what am I to do with her?” 9 ...More Than They Could Chew “They’re dead,” Mustang said. “You don’t need to get them blood-drunk now. You can let her go.” “She’ll talk.” “Not if you hypnotize her.” “Only a full vampire can do that. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.” “I’m not a talker,” Kendra said. “Seriously, I can keep my mouth shut!” “Would that not be bad for your business?” “Geiger, she’s not a threat,” Carmichael said. “But Jacob is. He’s out there,

set their backs to Waystation No. 7, Mustang fished out his tobacco pouch and rolled a pair of cigarettes. They rode and smoked in silence for a while, then just rode, for a few hours at least. No train passed by in either direction, and the sun climbed high, but not too hot. “Zane, is that strange to you?” “What?” “The trains. Or the lack thereof.” “Who knows how the railways work? Ever read a schedule? They never show up at the same place at the same time two days in a row. Engineer has a

the building. Eighteen-wheeler tires usually roared up the interstate across eight lanes, but they were far in the distance now, and the empty sound left John feeling depressed and hollow. His friends often told him that he needed a break (especially from Dacey), but he was relatively certain that this adventure wasn’t going to help him at all as far as rest and relaxation was concerned. It was the middle of June, so the Floridian weather was hot as Hades, and he felt entirely overdressed in

instant. “It’s you again...” John couldn’t resist the sneer that rolled across his face. Of course his friends would send him to the same female that kicked him in the nuts before he even walked in the door. Despite his irritation, he feebly said, “Hi,” before placing his head back on the bar with a loud thunk. “John, right?” she asked. Surprised she somehow remembered his name, John removed his fingers from over his eyes and watched her with trepidation. “Don’t worry,” she said, shaking off

This way, he thought, he’d be the only one who knew of the heinous crime he was about to commit. He took a deep breath and opened the door, stepping into the dark room. Taking a moment to adjust to the darkness, he saw Alice and Ivy lying on the bed, their chests rising and falling rhythmically. He leaned over his daughter and stared into her face, barely visible in the low light. His eyes flicked to his wife. Her skin stretched taut over her bones, her face too old and emaciated for a woman in

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