Look Out, Secret Seven

Look Out, Secret Seven

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0340917679

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What on earth would the Secret Seven do without Scamper the spaniel? First he discovers an unwanted visitor - then he protects them as they spy on a thief late at night in Bramley Woods!
















medals,’ said Janet. ‘That’s not at all a pleasant thought,’ said Peter, sitting up straight. ‘I hadn’t realized they might come back. Gosh — we’ll have to look out. Scamper, keep your ears pricked and growl if you hear those fellows returning.’ ‘Wuff!’ said Scamper, at once, and sat up very straight. No more sleep for him! Half an hour went by, seeming like two hours. The Seven were colder still and Pam shivered so much that the others complained that she made them shiver too. ‘Good

‘Well — it was, as it happened,’ said Jack. ‘But it was a snoopy thing to do, Susie. Only girls do that sort of thing.’ ‘Aha! Does Janet snoop then? And Barbara and Pam?’ cried Binkie. ‘No. Of course not,’ said Jack, and hurriedly changed the subject. ‘Anyway, it was jolly good of you and Susie to help us when we were in such a fix. I was scared stiff of that Alsatian. I think his name’s a very good one, don’t you — Nabber! I’m glad he didn’t nab me!’ The next morning was rather exciting.

trees, and Barbara picked a great bunch of primroses. ‘Well, even if we’re not doing a job for the Secret Seven, we’re having a nice time,’ said Barbara. ‘What about sitting down and having an apple each? The birds are singing so madly I’d like to keep quiet and listen to them.’ As they were sitting on the primrosy ground, they heard voices not far off, and soon a little group of three came into sight — all boys about Jack’s age. They wandered along, and then Jack and the others saw one boy

my tale,’ said Tom Smith, rubbing his chin and frowning. ‘Nothing at all. Still, I’ll tell you, for what it’s worth.’ ‘Go on!’ said Colin, excited. ‘Well, as I told your friends here, I love birds and am going to write a book about them,’ said Tom Smith. ‘And one of my favourite birds is the owl. Now in Bramley Woods there are many owls — they nest in the old trees here. And the other night I was here, listening to the hoots of this owl and that, lying under a tree, watching the stars

coat-sleeve, and pulled him roughly towards him. But the boy slipped free and ran, shouting to the others. ‘GET AWAY, all of you! He’s dangerous. RUN!’ Seven A very exciting plan BARBARA was very frightened indeed, but the boys were more angry than scared. They all raced off between the trees, and didn’t stop until they were out of the woods. Then they threw themselves down on the grass that bordered the trees, and panted for breath. ‘That man — won’t — come after — us — will he?’

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