Logan Pryce Makes a Mess (Tales from Maple Ridge)

Logan Pryce Makes a Mess (Tales from Maple Ridge)

Grace Gilmore

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1481426249

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Meet Logan Pryce, an eight-year-old boy whose family hardships are made better by his small-town community in this start to a wholesome series that’s like Little House on the Prairie for younger readers.

It’s 1892 in Maple Ridge, Illinois, and Logan Pryce is worried about his family. His dad, Dale, needs to find a new job because their farm is failing. He may even need to look for work in another city. Logan offers to earn some money by selling his latest invention, but his parents tell him not to worry and that everything will be fine. Then Dale is hired for a temporary job at the general store, and Logan can’t wait to lend a hand! But his eagerness may cause his dad to lose the job he so badly needs. Can Logan’s mistake be fixed in time?

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Tales from Maple Ridge chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.













said with a smile. “Good morning, Miss Ashley!” the students replied in unison. Miss Ashley was young and pretty. She had her blond hair in a bun and wore a blue shawl the color of cornflowers. As always, she started the day with roll call. She read the students’ names from a list to make sure that they were present. After roll call, she moved on to reading. “Tess, will you come up front and recite our poem for today?” Miss Ashley asked. “It is on page twenty-nine of your readers,” she added

to the rest of the class. Tess rose from her desk and walked eagerly to the front of the room. She could be shy at times, but she was never shy about reciting. Tess opened her reader, which was a book full of poems, stories, and essays. She cleared her throat and began to speak in a fine, clear voice: After reading came writing and spelling. Miss Ashley wrote some words on the blackboard, and the students copied them on small slates. The room filled with the loud sound of stone pens scratching

come by the store after school? If Mrs. Mayberry says yes, you can stay and help me with the shipment. You can help me on Thursday and Friday, too. The pay is a dollar.” A dollar? Logan grinned at Tess, and she grinned back. A dollar was a lot of money! “You will have to work hard and do as I say,” Pa went on. “Nothing can go wrong. Do you understand?” “Yes, Pa!” said Logan, nodding. Logan couldn’t stop grinning as he dug into his cake. He’d wanted to make money for his family, and now he had

“That box was different from the others. We weren’t supposed to unpack it,” Pa explained. “It’s for Mr. Bird. He ordered some special items from Chicago for his wife’s birthday. He’s planning on picking up the box in person tomorrow.” “What?” Logan gasped. Pa peered at his pocket watch. “I’d better get down to the store right away. I need to find those items and return them to Mr. Bird’s box. Otherwise, someone might buy them by mistake!” Logan’s lip quivered. “I’m sorry, Pa. I was just . . .”

butter and vegetables and eggs. . . .” His face lit up. “Eggs!” “Eggs? What about them?” “Come with me. I have to show you something!” Logan started running through the woods. Tess followed, and so did Skeeter. When they got to the henhouse, Logan stopped. “May I present . . . the Fox-Away!” He waved his hand at the henhouse. Dozens of flattened tin cups were strung across the door. Inside, the hens made soft clucking noises. “Logan, that’s wonderful!” Tess cried out. “When did you finish

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