Location Filming in Los Angeles (Images of America)

Location Filming in Los Angeles (Images of America)

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Los Angeles has reigned for more than a century as the world capital of the film industry, a unique and ever-changing city that has been molded and recast thousands of times through the artistic visions and cinematic dreams of Hollywood's elite. As early as 1907, filmmakers migrated west to avoid lengthy eastern winters. In Los Angeles, they discovered an ideal world of abundant and diverse locales blessed with a mild and sunny climate ideal for filming. Location Filming in Los Angeles provides a historic view of the diversity of locations that provided the backdrop for Hollywood's greatest films, from the silent era to the modern age.











Village Theatre for Beauty and the Bus (MGM). Built in 1931 at the corner of Broxton and Weyburn Avenues, the Village Theatre is often host to lavish movie premieres. For Beauty and the Bus, a rare 1933 Chrysler Roadster was featured as the car the girls won in a raffle. Shooting was predominately done in the Westwood area where they staged car chases, crashes, and stunts on streets that were empty since much of the development of Westwood was just beginning. WESTWOOD VILLAGE, 1956. Director

Alex Segal, crouching beside the camera, directs the action in the suspense drama Ransom (Universal), starring Glenn Ford and Donna Reed. The Fox Village Theatre is the background for this scene featuring two Los Angeles motorcycle police officers parked at the intersection of Weyburn and Broxton Avenues. WESTWOOD VILLAGE, 1957. Troubled UCLA student James MacArthur starts a fistfight at the Bruin Theatre and discovers a parking ticket on his car in The Young Stranger (RKO). This was the first

sports team.

became Paramount Pictures. Notable locations in the area include Bronson Canyon (The Searchers), Runyon Canyon (Breathless), Cedar Grove (The Green Mile), Vermont Canyon (Barton Fink), Griffith Observatory (Devil in a Blue Dress), Hollywood Bowl (Xanadu), the Greek Theater (Get Him to the Greek), the Hollywood Hills (Double Indemnity), and the Dresden Room (Swingers). These locations are popular to this day, retaining both a unique charm and proximity to the studios. THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN, 1975.

future stars as Gloria Swanson and Carole Lombard, who appeared in short films and represented Sennett Comedies in publicity stunts and advertising films. In the rear is the famous “Race Thru the Clouds” roller coaster on the south side of the Grand Lagoon. VENICE PIER, 1928. The members of Our Gang are covered in mud and causing mischief on the Venice Pier’s Giant Dipper roller coaster in Fair and Muddy (Hal Roach Studios). This film is considered lost. In the group are Bobby “Wheezer”

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