Lobotomy: Surviving the Ramones

Lobotomy: Surviving the Ramones

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0306824981

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lobotomy is the most lurid and unlikely temperance tract yet from the underbelly of rock 'n' roll. On a wild roller-coaster ride from his fucked-up childhood in Berlin and Munich to his lonely, methadone-quaffing stay at a cheap hotel in Earl's Court and newfound peace on the straight and narrow, Dee Dee Ramone catapults us into the raw world of sex, addiction, and two-minute songs. It isn't pretty. With the velocity of a Ramones song, Lobotomy rockets through headlining days at CBGB to the breakup of the Ramones' happy family with an unrelenting backbeat of hate and squalor. His girlfriend ODs; running buddy Johnny Thunders steals his ode to heroin, "Chinese Rocks"; Sid Vicious shoots up using toilet water; and a pistol-wielding Phil Spector holds the band hostage in Beverly Hills. Hey! Ho! Let's go!


















atmosphere was dangerous and intoxicating. It’s a good thing for me that the Ramones started touring. We were doing shows in little towns in the Northeast most nights. That gave me a chance to avoid the East Village for a while. It got too hard for me to keep up a dope habit, so I switched to booze. Then all I had to deal with were my hangovers—instead of making it back and forth from Norfolk Street without getting stabbed, ripped off, or arrested. Basically, I was turning into a junkie. I think

Tommy didn’t hold up too well—he wasn’t really made of the real stuff that rock stars are made of. And finally one day he was gone. Dee Dee and Marky in Amsterdam, 1995 BarbaraZampini I went to a band rehearsal in New York and Marc Bell was there. John and Joey had asked him to join the band. We could never recapture that classic punk sound after Tommy left, but with Marc in the band we got a very hard player. Marc had been my drinking buddy before he joined the Ramones and I loved to party

night I saw a police car just plowing through the crowd. We played with the Runaways, and the girls came back to my hotel room and made fun of me because I was listening to Jackson Browne. “Oh, we didn’t know you were like that!” they said, and just walked out on me. I told Joan Jett and Cheri Currie, “Good, I didn’t want you to be here anyway.” We toured with the Talking Heads. I got along well with them. They were fun, and they liked to smoke a lot of hash. I did get a little jealous of

a black plastic Hefty bag and started packing up my stuff. “Bye, bye, assholes!” I shouted, and then started struggling out the door and into the hallway. “Where you going?” Tree Top hollered. I was stalling anyway, so I took advantage of the grace of the moment. “I’m gettin’ outta here! I’m going!” “Oh, Dee Dee, darling!” the queen said, daring me to make one more move. “If you make a fuss around here, they’ll put you in a restraining device and throw you in the rubber room.” “Even if I

Liquid Concentration Camp Westbourne Park Cold Turkey at the Chelsea Hotel The Blues Buenos Aires Holland Mechelen Epilogue: Argentinian Farewell Discography Dee Dee Ramone thanks The Ramones, Ira Herzog, Michael & Sally at Herzog & Strauss, Seymour Strauss, Daniel Rey, Larry Schatz, Ed Steinberg, Seymour Stein, Harold Holloway, Dr. Finkel, Dr. Hanch, Stanley Bart, Western Union, Neil Ortenberg and Thunder’s Mouth Press, and everybody who has stood by me in my life. The Rock and Roll

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