Living a Real Life with Real Food: How to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and Stay Energized—the Kosher Way

Living a Real Life with Real Food: How to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and Stay Energized—the Kosher Way

Beth Warren

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 1626365717

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When navigating the world of health and wellness, we desperately seek nutrition advice from newspapers, magazines, our “know-it-all” neighbor, our grandmothers’ old wives’ tales, the muscular guy at the gym, or “expert” health-care professionals. With good intentions to become healthier, we find ourselves confused by the conflicting messages that arise from mantras to “eat this, not that.”

These complicated trends leave us at a loss of what to eat to become or stay healthy and derail our nutritious path. During the journey toward better health, the simple enjoyment of real food gets lost to the “cutting and pasting” of fad diets, such as the HCG diet and buzzwords like “superfood.”

In Living a Real Life with Real Food, registered dietician and certified nutritionist Beth Warren writes with a kosher perspective and relies on science and her clients’ experiences to show that the best way to lose weight, build strength, and help fight obesity-related diseases is to eat the natural, organic, whole foods that people have been eating for centuries—before fad diets and America’s food system got in the way.

The advice, recipes, and meal plans presented in this book will help the average reader attain a healthier and more energetic lifestyle regardless of how familiar they are with kosher, organic, and whole foods before they begin reading.












easily turn into a negative. The quote at the beginning of this chapter from the Rambam emphasizes the importance of enjoying quality fats of meat as part of the biblical commandment to beautify the Sabbath; but that only promotes fat consumption at one dinner and one lunch meal per week. In the Hebrew language, the word for someone who is overweight (shaman) and oil (shemen) are spelled with the same three letters: shin, mem, and nun. The implication is: if you eat too much oil, you will get

WHOLE GRAIN? Because of their whole form, whole grains are naturally high in fiber, protein, B vitamins, and the minerals iron, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, manganese, copper, and selenium. Iron Iron helps our bodies make hemoglobin (for red blood cells) and myoglobin (for muscles), both of which help carry and store oxygen. Iron also plays a role in many other routine bodily functions. Magnesium Magnesium is an essential mineral required for hundreds of biochemical reactions, including

low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.” Other sides warn against the wide use of soy and argue the beneficial results are not as clear-cut.113 In 2006, the American Heart Association (AHA), and many other researchers, disputed the FDA’s claims in a study investigating the research on soy and wrote: “In the majority of 22 randomized trials, isolated soy protein with isoflavones, as compared with milk or other proteins, decreased LDL cholesterol

ying-yang affect of truly positive to dangerously negative is where the soy controversy gets its heat. Finally, the AHA study concluded with: “The benefits of soy products on cardiovascular and overall health should be attributed to their high content of polyunsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals and low content of saturated fat as is the case with most other legumes and not specific to soy.”114 Dr. Walter Willet of the Harvard School of Public Health also points out in his book,

Everyone else is eating. The food is in front of you. Someone is pressuring you to eat, “Why are you not eating?” “Are you on a diet?” “Please taste my dessert!” You are feeling famished. You are bored. You forbid yourself from having any foods, but after eating one, you lose all self-control. It just tastes so good. Period. You think you probably won’t see food like this again. You have no idea how, but your hand is grazing the cookie plate multiple times. Any of these sound familiar?

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