LEGO A Team Divided (Ninjago, Book 6)

LEGO A Team Divided (Ninjago, Book 6)

Tracey West

Language: English

Pages: 23

ISBN: 2:00270598

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ninjago: Rebooted! The wise-cracking ninja are back with all-new adventures on Cartoon Network and all-new toys on sale everywhere.

The Masters of Spinjitzu and the wise Sensei Wu are back in this brand new chapter book based on the latest season of the hit LEGO(R) Ninjago television series on Cartoon Network!

Join the ninja warriors as they fight enemies old and new and encounter challenges that will test their strength. Will they be victorious in the battles ahead? Only time will tell!

















where they were! The sun blazed down on Jay as he walked across the Sea of Sand. The colorful neon sign for Ed and Edna’s “Scrap N Junk” glowed in the distance. Jay hadn’t seen his mom and dad in a while. They would probably have some good advice for him. They always did. As he got closer, Jay saw that the junkyard was hopping. Usually, he’d find his mom or dad tinkering with one of the busted vehicles. The only visitors were crows that came to perch on top of tall metal towers made out of

Zane, well … he had a power source different from any other Nindroid’s. His power source was a mystery. So I ask myself: How can a mystery die? I do not think it can. But I will wait and see. Sensei Garmadon Ninja never quit, and ninja will never be forgotten. Wherever you are, Zane, you’ll always be one of us.” The crowd solemnly applauded as Kai finished his speech. All of the citizens of New Ninjago City were gathered to dedicate a statue in honor of Zane, the Ninja of Ice. Zane had shown

worried.” Jay laughed. What a cute kid, he thought. I’ll try not to completely wreck Mr. Peepers. I just need to knock it out so I can head to the next round. “Let the Junkbot Battle begin!” Ed yelled. Suzie’s eyes narrowed. She turned the knob on her remote control and Mr. Peepers wheeled across the battle arena. “Ninjasaur, crush!” Jay commanded, pressing some buttons on his controls. Ninjasaur stomped forward. Jay just had to bring one heavy foot down on Mr. Peepers, and it would be over.

The squirrel stopped on a branch, took the sandwich out of its mouth, and made a noise that sounded a lot like laughter. Is this squirrel mocking me? Cole wondered. “Gotcha!” Cole yelled, reaching for the sandwich. But three woodpeckers flew out of nowhere and started pecking at him. “Hey, quit it!” Cole cried. “Stop it right — whoa!” Cole tumbled out of the tree. Luckily, he wasn’t too high up. He landed with a soft thud on a bed of pine needles. He jumped to his feet. “Very funny! I’ll —

joke. “Ah, well, I guess it’s good that it came out … good,” Cole said with a sigh. He started washing the dirty dishes in a big tub of water. After dinner, the camp was eerily quiet. The guys were sitting around campfires, but nobody was talking or singing or telling jokes. A few of them were whittling sticks of wood. Cole sat next to one of them. “So, what are you making?” he asked. “A skinnier stick,” the guy replied, not even looking up. Cole raised his voice. “Anybody know any good

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