Karen's Roller Skates (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, Book 2)

Karen's Roller Skates (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, Book 2)

Ann M. Martin

Language: English

Pages: 28

ISBN: 0590442597

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Karen shows off her roller-skating expertise and accidentally crashes into her brother, she ends up with a broken wrist but uses the opportunity to get everyone she knows to sign her new cast.












Kristy. “I thought you were afraid of her.” Daddy and Elizabeth were peering at my cast. “Very nice,” said Daddy. “She even drew a picture of Midnight.” Oh! Midnight! So that’s what the picture was. I felt very silly … and very relieved. “I’m sure Mrs. Porter was happy that you wanted her autograph,” added Elizabeth. “She’s so lonely. Visits from kids must mean a lot to her.” “Well, really,” Hannie began, “we needed the autograph of a wi — ” “Of all our neighbors,” I interrupted loudly.

witch’s autograph. I smiled. It had not been such a bad weekend after all. About the Author ANN M. MARTIN is the acclaimed and bestselling author of a number of novels and series, including Belle Teal, A Corner of the Universe (a Newbery Honor book), A Dog’s Life, Here Today, P.S. Longer Letter Later (written with Paula Danziger), the Family Tree series, the Doll People series (written with Laura Godwin), the Main Street series, and the generation-defining series The Baby-sitters Club. She

of the tubes and gave me my arm back. It weighed a ton. That cast was heavy. “How do you feel, Karen?” asked Daddy. “Fine,” I said. “A little sleepy.” “Good,” said Dr. Humphrey. “Now Tom just has to take a few more pictures of your wrist. We need to make sure the bones are in the right places. After that, you can go home.” So I visited Tom one more time. The nurse pushed me around in my chariot again. When Tom was done taking the pictures, Dr. Dellenkamp talked to Daddy for a few minutes.

sleepy anymore, and my wrist didn’t hurt — much. I leaned against my pillows. I felt like a princess. I asked for hundreds of things. But near dinnertime when I said, “Hey, Andrew, get me my coloring book,” Andrew replied, “No. I’m busy.” “David Michael, you get my coloring book,” I ordered. “Get it yourself,” he replied. “You can walk.” “Hmphh,” I said. But I did get it myself. Only it wasn’t any fun coloring with my left hand. When dinner was ready, Elizabeth said, “Come sit with us at the

Mommy’s house. It was a Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Dawes wanted Nancy to come in because it was time for dinner. Mommy wanted Andrew and me to come in because it was time to go to Daddy’s. My mommy and daddy are divorced. Andrew and I live at our daddy’s every other weekend and for two weeks in the summer. The rest of the time we live at our mommy’s. Usually we go to Daddy’s on Friday afternoon. But that weekend we were going a day early. Mommy and Seth were taking a vacation. (Seth is our

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