Judy Moody Goes to Hollywood: Behind the Scenes with Judy Moody and Friends (Judy Moody Movie Tie-In)

Judy Moody Goes to Hollywood: Behind the Scenes with Judy Moody and Friends (Judy Moody Movie Tie-In)

Megan McDonald

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: B005K5IA20

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A way-behind-the-scenes look at a movie set with Judy Moody and friends!

Sneak onto the set of the Judy Moody movie with Judy, Stink, Rocky, Frank Pearl, Amy Namey, even Mouse, and some new characters. They go deep underground to discover all sorts of weird, wonderful, and far-out facts about making and being in movies. Get an insider s view of special effects, costumes, bloopers, what actors do when they re not on set, and more. Thrill-o-rama!















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Illustrated Rocky Zang Garrett Ryan + Illustrated Jessica Finch Movie Amy Namey Movie Rocky Zang Ashley Boettcher 12 Movie Jessica Finch + Illustrated Zeke Jackson Odell + Illustrated Mr. Birnbaum Robert Costanza Sharon Sachs + Illustrated Mouse Movie Mr. Birnbaum - + Illustrated Mrs. Birnbaum Movie Zeke Movie Mrs. Birnbaum Tails and Tux 13 Movie Mouse A STAR IS BORN The first Judy Moody book was published in April 2000. Since then, she has starred in at least twelve

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