Healthy Tipping Point: A Powerful Program for a Stronger, Happier You

Healthy Tipping Point: A Powerful Program for a Stronger, Happier You

Caitlin Boyle

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 1583334963

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Start small for big results with this inspiring guide to lifelong wellness—from popular health blogger and author of Operation Beautiful.

In Healthy Tipping Point, Caitlin Boyle shares the down-to-earth philosophy and authoritative advice that has made her websites so popular. Believing that reaching a tipping point means much more than tipping the scales, Boyle helps readers find their personal ideal balance in food, fitness, love, and life, in a breakthrough program organized around three shifts:

• Get Real: Challenge negative-thought patterns to create space for success

• Eat Clean: Ditch conventional “diet” advice and follow a simple eating plan tailored to keep energy high, while helping the environment—including forty-five delicious vegetarian recipes for foodies on the go

• Embrace Strength: Commit to a high-powered fitness program designed to help one learn to love exercise and build a strong, lean body—with targeted guidance for novice runners, bikers, swimmers, and others

Featuring twenty inspiring success stories and photos of people who have transformed their lives, the book proves that a healthy body is absolutely attainable. Healthy living and a healthy self-image go hand in hand. For anyone who struggles to get fit, Healthy Tipping Point provides the drive to thrive.



















now.” I had been implicitly telling myself, “I’ll be happy when the baby is finally here,” which was another way of saying, “I’ll be miserable until a baby is finally here.” I read On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility by Helen Adrienne, and the book changed my life. Among many wonderful insights, Helen writes a lot about identifying the strengths that come out of any adversity. At first, like Helen predicts, I hated the idea—I certainly didn’t see any blessings in RPL, and it made me slightly

lot of control over me. If the number is down, I am happy. If it is up, I feel very upset.” “How I feel about my body wavers constantly. I might think I look pretty good in the morning, but by the end of the day, I feel so unattractive.” Fat Talk is the primary symptom of our body-acceptance crisis. It is negative self-talk about your appearance (or abilities). Fat Talk sounds like this: “My thighs are so huge; I look like a whale,” “I’m so embarrassed to wear a bathing suit at the beach,”

longer hours or cares for her elderly mother, might feel absolutely knackered after 100 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise and twenty-five minutes of high-intensity exercise a week. You must take into account all the other things going on in your life, too, to find your healthy exercise amount. If you’re very busy or stressed, you just might not have the physical energy to expend on lots of high-intensity exercise—as a matter of fact, it might do you more harm than good! While the attitude

right attitude about why you want to make healthier choices. And the right attitude means adopting a health-centered mind-set, not an appearance-based outlook. Approaching life with a health-centered mind-set is freeing because it removes an unnecessary pressure to reach a certain number on the scale or fit into a particular pant size. It takes the focus off the short term and places it firmly where it should be: the duration of your long, happy life. It’s easier to make healthy choices while

milestone markers for a longer race in the future, integrating the 5K or 10K training into your training plan for a longer race. You’ll also want to consider the race’s terrain; in addition to road races, there are trail races (for more information about trail running, check out page 283). While the training plan for a road race and a trail race are the same, it’s wise to train on a trail at least once a week if you plan to compete in a trail race, since this allows your body to adjust to the

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