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Shivers and spirits . . . the mystical and macabre . . . our darkest fears and sweetest fantasies . . . the fun and frivolity of tricks, treats, festivities, and masquerades. Halloween is a holiday filled with both delight and dread, beloved by youngsters and adults alike. Celebrate the most magical season of the year with this sensational treasury of seasonal tales—spooky, suspenseful, terrifying, or teasing—harvested from a multitude of master storytellers.



















the places he wanted to go always seemed to be the places she wanted to go. She tried to walk as far away from him as possible so that maybe people wouldn’t know that he was her brother. But people always knew anyway. Like she had a big sign: J.P.’s Sister, painted on her forehead. He looked so stupid in his regular street clothes on Halloween night. That yellow shirt and those brown corduroy pants he always wore. Always. He never took them off, and she didn’t think he ever washed them. It made

are you?” “My name is Elizabeth Rafaelson. We’ve been frie—” “I don’t know anyone called Eliz—” “Bea, shut the fuck up. We’ve been friends for almost fifty years now. I live across—” “I’m hanging up now, whoever you are.” “Bea! Bea! Don’t hang up. I’m telling you . . . please don’t hang up. I live just across the street from you—go to your window and-” “I’m hanging up.” “Bea, can’t you just do that one thing for me? Go to your window and look across at me—I’ll wave to you and—” “There’s

look in the mirror. The laughter died down as everyone looked at their masks. “After you’ve had a good look at them, put the mask on,” Neva said. Everyone obediently put their masks on, except Granddad Morris. There was no string, no rubber band on the back of the mask—the top of the mask curved back into a kind of cap that held the mask on the head and against the face. It clung to Juno’s face with such unnatural steadiness, she took it off and put it back on a couple of times, just to

the other lay squashed against the printer’s paper roll. Wary now, he looked in increments behind the printer, saw another insect making its way up the wall behind, and what looked like two others below it, showing movement. Shivering, he drew back, moved away from the desk and toward the office’s door, his eyes glancing at the rug, the walls, the ceiling. He closed the door behind him, dropped the rolled up magazine and climbed the steps to the house’s first floor two at a time. He made his

disagree on Akhet’s correspondence to our calendar; dates very from as early as June 19 to as late as mid-August.) Wag evidently including colorful processions, music, offerings of food and drink for the dead, and hearty feasting and drinking for the living. References are made to “shouts of joy” raised at the Wag festival Modern Halloween is highly influenced by and probably originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. About 500–1000 BCE, the Celts—who at the time populated Ireland,

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