Going, Going, Gone! with the Pain and the Great One (Pain & the Great One (Quality))

Going, Going, Gone! with the Pain and the Great One (Pain & the Great One (Quality))

Judy Blume

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0440420946

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

THE PAIN AND the Great One are going places! In these new stories the kids are on the go—the Pain needs a trip to the emergency room; the family goes to the mall and not everyone stays together; the kids visit a county fair and want to ride the Super Slide; and a beach outing includes a boogie board. Lots more action and adventure for the dynamic duo who never stay still.

From the Hardcover edition.



















camera uses film, Jacob.” Grandpa Pete never calls the Pain Jake—only Jacob. “When you’ve taken all your pictures, the film gets developed into photos. So take your pictures carefully. You can’t put more film in this camera.” “Thanks, Grandpa Pete!” I said. I elbowed the Pain. “Oh, thanks,” he said to Grandpa. He was already snapping pictures. “Say ‘cheese!’” he said to Dad. He got him unpacking his underwear. “Say ‘cheese!’” he said to Mom. He got her yawning. “Say ‘cheese!’” he said to

with her lizard Boogie board. That night on the boardwalk I saw a store window filled with masks. I asked Grandma if we could go inside. She took my hand and we went into the store together. I checked out all the masks. I tried on Spider-Man first. Next I tried on Batman. Then I tried on a mask that looked like the President. After that, one that looked like a gorilla. When Grandma walked away to look at something else, I saw it. The perfect mask—the Wolfman! I pulled it on and crept up

“He can’t show you. It’s up his nose!” “Your nose?” the Great One said, looking at me. “Ewww … that’s the most disgusting thing I ever heard! What’s it doing in there?” “It’s stuck!” Justin called. “You have a pussy willow stuck up your nose?” she asked me. When I didn’t answer, she dashed into the hall calling, “Charlie … Charlie … come quick!” Charlie is our babysitter. She’s on the track team at her college. In two seconds she was up the stairs, sweeping everything out of her way,

I added. “He’s missing his top two front teeth,” Dad said. “He has brown hair and brown eyes, and he’s wearing a … a …” I finished for him. “A gray sweatshirt with a big kangaroo on the front. Aunt Diana brought it back from Australia, and …” Before I could finish telling about the Pain’s clothes we were at the security station. Mom’s told us a million times, if we ever get separated at the mall, we should tell a security guard. She says he’ll take us to the security station and that’s where

Florida. He never comes to visit us because he won’t leave his birds. They’re not really his birds, but that’s what he calls them. Every morning and every night Grandpa Pete hangs his binoculars around his neck and goes out in his canoe to watch them. He knows his birds the way Mom and Dad know me and the Pain. “Maybe we’ll see an alligator this time!” the Pain sang. “Maybe we’ll see a snake!” The Pain has a book, Wildlife of the Florida Everglades. He likes to look at the pictures. “I don’t

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