Fun For Secret Seven (Secret Seven, Book 15)

Fun For Secret Seven (Secret Seven, Book 15)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 43


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Secret Seven help Tolly, an old man who lives on the hill, when his horse, Brownie, breaks his legs and his master, a farmer, threatens to shoot him.

















pony-cart drew up outside the front gate. ‘WHOA!’ said an enormous voice. ‘It’s Mr Dinneford!’ said Janet, in a fright. ‘Oh Daddy, Daddy — DON’T let him take Brownie away, will you?’ ‘Of course not. Go indoors,’ said her father. ‘Both of you. Look out of the window if you like, but no listening. You stay here, Tolly.’ The children fled indoors and pulled a curtain so that they might look out and see what happened. Oh dear — how dreadful if Brownie was taken away! They could hear loud

‘No — no, don’t tear them up!’ said Peter, as Janet took up the little pile of notes. He was alarmed at such an idea. He didn’t want to have to begin writing out the whole lot again himself! ‘Well — will you take them round to the others then?’ said Janet. ‘I’ll get the shed ready.’ ‘All right. I’ll go immediately,’ said Peter. ‘I would like to go and see how Tolly and Brownie and Codger are first,’though. I dreamed about Brownie all night!’ ‘What did you dream?’ asked Janet, with interest.

‘There’s no one near these stables!’ Janet, really frightened, raced back to the house in her dressing-gown and slippers. ‘DADDY! MUMMY! Quick, the horse-thieves are there! Tolly’s fighting them! Daddy, DADDY!’ Her father and mother awoke at once, and her father raced downstairs in his pyjamas. When Janet ran into the house, her mother was already telephoning the police! She sobbed out about Tolly being attacked, and her mother comforted her. ‘The police will be here in a minute,’ she

orchard,’ said George. ‘I’ll ask Dad to get old Tolly, and pay him.’ Ideas came thick and fast, and everyone was sorry when a knock came at the door, and Peter’s mother put in her head. ‘I’m afraid the meeting must soon stop. It’s getting quite late!’ ‘Right, Mother,’ said Peter, and waited till his mother had gone. ‘Now listen, everyone. This needs a lot of thinking about — a lot of considering. I am now going to close the meeting, and everyone is to go home, and think HARD this evening to

would he be worth now, if anyone bought him?’ ‘Well, sir, not much if you sell him to a stranger, or to a bad handler,’ said the vet. ‘He seems happy enough here. Why don’t you keep him? You wouldn’t get more than ten or fifteen pounds for him now, with those damaged back legs. But a patient owner, who wouldn’t work the horse at all for say, six months, would find he had a first-class horse at the end of that time, strong, willing, and as good as ever!’ ‘Fine, fine!’ said Peter’s father, and

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