Friend or Fiend? with the Pain and the Great One (Pain & the Great One (Quality))

Friend or Fiend? with the Pain and the Great One (Pain & the Great One (Quality))

Judy Blume

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0440420954

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This dynamic bestselling author/illustrator duo captures the ups and downs of everyday life in this chapter book offering fun and perfectly narrated short stories—for kids who can already read, like the Great One, or for kids who are learning to read, like the Pain. Friend or Fiend? is the fourth book in a quartet of hilarious and warm-hearted stories that showcase the joys, the fun, and the frustrations of sibling rivalry and devotion, as seen through the eyes of those sassy siblings, the Pain and the Great One.
What's the difference between a friend and a fiend? The Pain and the Great One are about to find out!

Jake is so embarrassed by a reading circle blunder, he vows never to speak in class again. Abigail believes she can no longer trust one of her best friends. And on the perfect snow day, who rescues Jake when someone jumps on him and washes his face in snow? Finally, Jake and Abigail decide to plan a birthday party to celebrate the date when their beloved cat Fluzzy first became part of their family. But only Fluzzy knows what really happened on that dark and stormy night a year ago. And he's not telling—or is he?



















about it or you’ll make him sick.” “Me? Make him carsick? Why would I want to do that?” “That’s enough, Abigail,” Mom said. As we came out of the tunnel, Mom called to the Pain. “All clear!” And the Pain sat in his seat again and fastened his seat belt. “Invisible line,” I reminded him. Invisible line is how we divide the backseat of the car. I have my side and he has his. But he gave me a kick anyway. So I gave him one back. “Children,” Mom said. “Dad can’t concentrate on the road when

don’t I come with you?” Mom said. “If you’re going, you don’t need William and me,” Sierra said to Mom. “Besides, I have a lot to do.” “Like what?” William asked. “None of your business,” Sierra told him. “None of your business,” William sang, mocking his sister. Sierra looked like she wanted to slug him. The Pain looked at me. I knew what he was thinking—William and Sierra are worse than us. Much worse. “You kids are going,” Uncle Phil told William and Sierra, “and that’s that!” “Fine,”

said, and I took a big breath. “I’m sorry I dissed your mom.” “You’re really sorry?” Sasha said. “Yes.” “Good.” “Well,” Mr. Gee said. “I’m glad you two worked out your problems.” He went over to a group of boys. Sasha turned to me and said, “I’ll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell.” “I promise.” “This was the worst week of my life. I couldn’t even eat, my stomach hurt so bad.” I didn’t tell her how bad my stomach hurt. Instead, I told her about the sign over my bed, the one that

night while we’re sleeping, Fluzzy plays with his toy mice. We don’t know why he leaves them in his food dish. I lifted them out by their tails. Fluzzy watched as I sniffed them. They smelled like the inside of his mouth. The Great One won’t touch Fluzzy’s mice. She says they’re disgusting. Probably that’s why Fluzzy likes me best. The Great One can’t stand that Fluzzy sleeps on my bed. It makes her crazy that I’m Fluzzy’s favorite. Maybe if she’d sniff his mice he’d like her better. I gave

slurping milk from a saucer. “What’s this?” Mom asked. “This is Fluffy!” the Great One said. “No, it’s Fuzzy!” I said. “We saved him from the storm.” “But who does he belong to?” Mom asked. “He belongs to us now,” the Great One sang. We begged Mom and Dad to let us keep him. But Mom said, “First we’ll have to find out if his owner is looking for him.” And Dad said, “In the morning we’ll call the animal shelter.” “And we’ll put an ad in the paper,” Mom added. “Why?” the Great One asked.

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