First in His Class: A Biography Of Bill Clinton

First in His Class: A Biography Of Bill Clinton

David Maraniss

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 0684818906

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Who exactly is Bill Clinton, and why was he, of all the brilliant and ambitious men in his generation, the first in his class to reach the White House? Drawing on hundreds of letters, documents, and interviews, David Maraniss explores the evolution of the personality of our forty-second president from his youth in Arkansas to his 1991 announcement that he would run for the nation's highest office. In this richly textured and balanced biography, Maraniss reveals a complex man full of great flaws and great talents. First in His Class is the definitive book on Bill Clinton.



















but was so choked up he could not speak. He had given the phone to Shearer. She, like Clinton, had had a premonition. Hers came days earlier in Los Angeles as she boarded the plane for Cleveland and took one last look back at Frank Aller, who had driven them to the airport. Finally, it seemed, everything in Aller’s life was together again. Not only had he flunked his military physical and had his indictment for resisting the draft dropped, but he had arranged, with help from Shearer’s father,

far from where Rodham and Bell worked. Staff members would file in, turn on the tape machine, put on headphones, turn off the lights, settle in on the couch, and listen to the president and his men. Sack felt “a sense of voyeurism—putting the earphones on and listening; like being a fly on the wall of the office of the president of the United States. We almost felt it was a little taboo.” Jeff Branchero proved to have the best hearing on the staff and, in keeping with Doar’s meritocracy, spent

number of critical issues, including public jobs and the oil price rollback, and, therefore, is less vulnerable than he was.” He made his formal campaign announcement on March 17 in the rotunda of the state Capitol, with Hillary Rodham at his side, calling the attorney general “the principal protector of the people” and promising to expand the consumer protection office and push for stronger antitrust laws. Although Clinton thrived on the electoral process, he wanted an easier ride this time. He

he had: lnts. Virginia Kelley, Jan. 13, 1992, and July 12, 1993. 26 She did not know about the December…: Blythe’s marital past is documented in courthouse records in Medill, Oklahoma; Oklahoma City; Dallas and Austin, Texas; and Ardmore, Oklahoma. Bill Clinton and Virginia Kelley were first told about Blythe’s history during the 1992 presidential campaign, after Clinton’s campaign office received inquiries from possible relatives. They said nothing publicly until an article by Gene Weingarten

He fell in love with Sara Maitland, a delightful young woman who was four years younger, in her first year at St. Anne’s College, one of the handful of women’s schools at Oxford. Maitland had grown up in a generous mansion in southwest Scotland, but at Oxford she began rebelling against her aristocratic roots and found Americans refreshing. She immediately took to Paul and Bill, Frank and Rick and Strobe, and their friends, and began inviting them over to her rooms at St. Anne’s for Tuesday

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