Fifty Shades of Black

Fifty Shades of Black

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1771620196

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this latest collection of fascinating facts and amusing tales, Arthur Black recounts his journey to Vietnam and Thailand, where his “dirty” American money is turned down and a massage turns into a fish feeding frenzy. He turns his critical eye and warped funny bone to a wide array of offbeat topics, including the cafe-office culture of free Wi-Fi and complex coffee concoctions and the danger of reading too many kinky romance novels. But good news is in the air too, as Black extolls how gum had been found to be good for children’s teeth.





















you branded an “intellectual.” Pol Pot’s so-called Democratic Kampuchea was in fact a �prison-camp state. One quarter of the population—about two and a half million people—were executed, died of disease or simply starved to death. The best thing you can say about Pol Pot and his evil horde is that they only lasted for four years. He died under house arrest, probably a suicide, in 1998. Today, Cambodia has its old name back, a thriving tourist economy and best of all, a young and healthy

up?” he asked softly. “Yeah,” I said, “It was, uh, Tuesday, the first of the month.” “What month?” said Busker Bob softly. “First of . . . Ap-ril,” I said. “Gotcha!” said Busker Bob. Well, maybe. But the colours of the sign are Tim Hortons colours and I phoned 1-888-601-1616. It’s Tim Horton’s Headquarters. I spoke to Tara in Customer Relations. She’d never heard of Salt Spring Island, but she told me that’s how the company opens a new outlet—a sign to let the public know what’s going on.

intriguing than Lloydminster or Sydney. Naming geographical entities is a tricky business; you want to be careful who gets the honour to take it on. There’s a city named Å in Sweden and a bay named Y in the Zuider Zee. France has an island named If, a river named As and a lake named Oo. On the other hand, there is a town in Wales that goes by the name of Llan­fair­pwll­gwyn­gyll­go­gerychwyrn­drob­wllllanty­silio­go­go­goch. Some people think we’d avoid confusion and misunderstanding if

followed I tried on a lot of different hats—farmhand, seaman, English teacher, salesman, actor, radio commentator, television show host . . . And here I am again—back in the newspaper business. Only a columnist this time, nothing as exalted as the editorship, but still. Mind you, I have a ways to go to fill the shoes of Newt Wallace of Winters, California. Newt’s been in the newspaper business since 1947, and he operates at a journalistic level even more fundamental than writing or editing.

handle to lumber a kid with, and not just because of its unfortunate diminutive, “Dick.” Richard conjures up the spectre of Richard III, one of Shakespeare’s earlier plays. In the Bard’s estimation, Richard III was emphatically Not a Nice Guy. In Shakespeare’s telling, King Richard has Henry VI murdered along with his son. Richard also offs his wife Anne Neville, his own brother George, sundry other royals and, most infamously, the two little princes—twelve-year-old Edward and nine-year-old

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