Dominic's Discovery

Dominic's Discovery

Gervase Phinn

Language: English

Pages: 90


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Dominic's middle name is trouble, but not because he's got a troublesome nature, but quite simply because he's always in the wrong place at the wrong time. So it's not surprising that he's only allowed on the school trip to Thundercliff Bay - home to pirate legend, chilling ghost stories and lost treasure - by the skin of his teeth. Or that strict Mr Risley-Newsome, who has his beady eye on him, makes him stay at the youth hostel for forgetting his walking boots. What is surprising is that a very special discovery made by Dominic saves the day when the whole class is in serious danger, and proves to everyone that sometimes he can be in the right place at the right time.





















regular and consistent with his chosen profession as a priest”, if indeed he was a thief.’ ‘Well, perhaps “thief” is a rather strong word to use. He was a smuggler and he never profited from his smuggling,’ said the vicar gently. ‘He was a sort of Robin Hood figure by all accounts. He died without a penny to his name. So the story goes, he gave all the money he made from smuggling to the poor and needy, and in those days there were a great many destitute people.’ ‘That hardly excuses criminal

sir.’ ‘Good. As I was saying, this is not a natural valley, but one that has been man-made. It has been carved out of the landscape for the railway that went from Whitby to Scarborough. Trees, bushes and heather were bound in sheepskins and used to create a firm base in boggy areas. We've been walking along the old railway line which would, of course, have been a very stupid and dangerous thing to do had we been doing so a hundred years ago –’ ‘Sir, that would have been difficult,’ said Nathan.

understand that, don't you?’ The boy nodded. ‘It's not that far and if we go slowly and carefully and you lean on Dominic and Michael, we will soon be back home.’ ‘I'll try, miss,’ sniffed the boy, ‘but it really does hurt.’ ‘I'm sure it does, Nathan,’ Miss Pruitt told him, squeezing his arm reassuringly. ‘It's a nasty sprain. You be a brave boy. Now, come along, let's get moving, shall we?’ With an excruciating expression on his face, Nathan struggled to his feet and wrapped his arms round

hard to see from down here,’ said Dominic, ‘but it's there all right. I know it is.’ He shone his torch upwards. ‘Can you see it now, miss?’ Miss Pruitt screwed up her eyes as if she were wearing particularly small shoes which pinched her toes. ‘No, Dominic, I can't see any ledge. I think you've imagined it.’ ‘No, no, I haven't, miss,’ he cried. ‘You can't see it because you don't know where to look. When the customs men were looking for contraband, they couldn't see the ledge either. It's

a golden guinea. And Dominic knew just the person to give it to. He looked at the sea shimmering silver in the moonlight. ‘Not so much as a brass farthing,’ he said smiling. ‘Well, I know better.’ Table of Contents Cover About the Author Title Page Dedication Copyright Page Contents Dominic's Discovery One: A Near Miss Two: Gran's Gold Sovereign Three: Grisly Beginnings Four: A Gruesome Journey Five: An Unfortunate Discovery Six: The Legend of Reverend Bentley-Brewster Seven:

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