Dark Future - Route 666

Dark Future - Route 666

David Pringle

Language: English

Pages: 164


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An anthology of short fiction by GW regular authors Kim Newman, Brian Craig and William King.





















as well be the scenery of Boaz, New Mexico, Shawnee, Oklahoma or almost anywhere in the desert that stretched almost uninterrupted from the foothills of the Appalachians to Washington State. Rocks and sand. Sand and rocks. The Great Central Desert, the Colorado Desert, the Mojave Desert, the Mexican Desert. Pretty soon, they’d have to junk all the names and call it the American Desert. By then, they would all be citizens of the United States of Sand and Rocks. The two outrider blips were also

could head back to Denver PZ to collect from a grateful Transcon. Plenty of Renegade vehicles, all carrying the same insignia along the bodywork—the grinning shark mouth with its saw-edged teeth. But nothing that had the distinctive turret the Sand King’s carried. The three Ops thundered past the last truck in the graveyard convoy. Only the blank expanse of the interstate lay ahead now. Together they braked and U-turned, tyres screeching on the asphalt. “OK,” said Byron. “Second run. And out.

“People are thin on the ground in these parts since the greenhouse effect turned Louisiana into a salt-marsh. That burg up ahead where the lady was raised has been a ghost town for ten years. Where do you think the mosquito that bit you would find a Hivvie? You’re probably the first square meal it’s had this year, and I bet you taste so bad it’ll stick to wild dogs in future. Anyway, bitten or not, you keep quiet from now on, you hear—there’s someone partying up ahead and if the girl is there,

wrapper. They all knew Bro, and they knew better than to start ribbing Carl about his antics. When they got to the crash-site everything seemed quiet. The truck was lying on its side; the mine it had run over had shredded its tires but hadn’t cracked the shell of the cab. The rear doors had been blown open, but that had happened afterwards, when the wreckers had swarmed in from the rocks. There were no dead bodies to be seen—which probably meant that Bro and the driver hadn’t been in any

authority to some of your bank accounts, he’s sent back all the money that people have sent you in the last four months or so.” Isolated applause in the audience began, in a few seconds breaking into something much more enthusiastic. “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, thank you,” said Steve, knowing that the hard work of getting the audience onto his side was now almost over. “I know that many of you have been sending Bob and Dolly your money for much longer than four months, but I’m afraid

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