Dante's Commedia: Elements of Structure

Dante's Commedia: Elements of Structure

Language: English

Pages: 110

ISBN: 0801820030

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Contains the four essays: "Allegory", "Symbolism", "The Pattern at the Center", and "The Substance of Things Seen", with an appendix:"Two Kinds of Allegory". From the book's Preface:"The four essays brought together touch briefly (though it is hoped, essentially) on four dimensions of meaning which can be sen to make up the substance and special texture of the poetry of the Divine Comedy. One might as appropriately speak of "facets" of "aspects" of meaning, were it not that such terms might rather suggest surface reflections and a brilliance dependent upon the way in which the work is (as a jewel) turned for inspection. But what is considered here is not to be seen as lying on the surface. Each is a dimension in depth, reaching to the very core and substance of the poetry, and present (potentially if not actually) along its developing line wherever this may be assayed. Here, in fine, are constants, basic elements of structure. And "elements" indeed has seemed the best term, all things considered."

















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