Dangerous Women, Part II

Dangerous Women, Part II

Language: English

Pages: 222

ISBN: 2:00301394

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Commissioned by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois, these tales of dangerous women by the most stellar names in fiction are available for the first time in three-volume paperback. George R.R. Martin is the bestselling author of A Song of Ice and Fire, the inspiration for HBO's hit series GAME OF THRONES. This second volume features an original short story by Megan Lindholm (who also writes as Robin Hobb). In the bittersweet 'Neighbors' Sarah, a rather strange widow, lives isolated and alone, surrounded by young families. But is the old lady afflicted by dementia - or by something far more odd? Other contributors to this volume of stories of formidable women include worldwide bestselling authors Diana Gabaldon, with an Outlander story, Sharon Kay Penman and Lev Grossman. DANGEROUS WOMEN 2 Gardner Dozois's introduction Megan Lindholm, 'Neighbors' Lev Grossman, 'The Girl in the Mirror' Sharon Kay Penman, 'A Queen in Exile' S. M. Stirling, 'Pronouncing Doom' Caroline Spector, 'Lies My Mother Told Me' Sam Sykes, 'Name the Beast' Diana Gabaldon, 'Virgins'


















never smelled before. Not bad; just odd. Ian frowned at it. “Well … ye’d brew a tea of it, I suppose,” he said. “How else?” “I havena got anything to brew it in,” Jamie said. “I was thinkin’ … maybe put it in the ale?” “Why not?” Ian wasn’t paying much attention; he was watching Mathieu Pig-face, who was standing against a wall, summoning whores as they passed by, looking them up and down and occasionally fingering the merchandise before sending each one on with a smack on the rear. He

instant Ian dragged it into the light. It made a noise, but not the gentle chime of golden bells. It rattled, and when Jamie seized the corner of the canvas and unrolled it, the contents were shown to be nought but sticks and stones, these hastily wrapped in a woman’s petticoat to give the bundle the appropriate bulk. “Cramouille!” he said, this being the worst word he could think of on short notice. And very appropriate, too, if what he thought had happened really had. He turned on Ian. “She

impossible—or it was, obviously, but it was one of the possible impossibles, as Donald Rumsfeld would have said if he’d secretly been a magician. (Which fat chance. Now there was an impossible impossible.) It was preposterous, and a bit creepy, but it wasn’t magically impossible. The Brakebills library was arranged around the interior walls of a tower that narrowed toward the top, and this must have been one of the teensy tiny uppermost floors, which Plum had only ever glimpsed from far below,

thought. “So you don’t have to worry that I’m in pain or anything like that.” But his expression said he really didn’t want to hear about her wild card power. He just wanted her knock it off. So she stopped trying to explain and said, “I’m sorry I frightened the other guests. It won’t happen again.” It meant she didn’t have as much fat on her as she wanted, but she’d make it work. Adesina was still watching TV when Michelle closed the door after talking to the manager. She was perched on the

here for a little conversation,” Mr. Jones said with a toothy smile. Despite the mugginess and rapidly rising heat, he looked cool. Michelle wondered how that was possible. Even his suit was crisp and impeccable. “Dorothy you already know. This is Dan. He’s the one who’s been lifting Miss Hebert’s power.” “Fucker!” Joey yelled. “Oh, most likely not,” Mr. Jones said. “If you were downwind of him, you’d know why.” “Hey!” Hoodie Boy said. “Why are you telling us this?” Michelle asked. “I mean,

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