CorelDRAW X6 The Official Guide

CorelDRAW X6 The Official Guide

Gary David Bouton

Language: English

Pages: 864

ISBN: 0071790071

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The only official guide to CorelDRAW―fully updated throughout to cover all the new features of the latest release

CorelDRAW X The Official Guide is the one-stop tutorial/reference for learning how to create gorgeous graphics for a variety of print and web uses. Veteran graphic designer and author Gary Bouton shows you how to use the new product features, and shows off beautiful graphics and techniques in this Corel-authorized guide. Packed with examples and techniques, this book delivers details no CorelDRAW user can afford to be without!

Ideal for beginners through experts getting started on the new release, the book explains how to install the software, use the illustration and drawing tools, work with text, apply colors, fills, and outlines, apply special effects, and work in 3D.

CorelDRAW X The Official Guide

  • Offers hundreds of tips, tricks, and shortcuts that show how to get the most out of product features, not just what the features do
  • Includes online access to 30+ video tutorials of hands-on instruction from the author, plus CorelDRAW native files, stock images for tutorials in Corel PHOTO-PAINT, custom typefaces designed by the author, and other useful starter pieces for learning CorelDRAW
  • Includes a full-color insert demonstrating results of various filters and effects
  • Provides a comprehensive CorelDRAW X reference as well as drawing tips and illustration techniques
  • Discusses print and web use and potential issues
  • Explains how to use PHOTO-PAINT, Corel’s image-editing tool















multiple palettes and palette colors. Sometimes you’ll want to use a specific Color Palette, and this docker makes a chore into a breeze. To open the Color Palette Manager docker, choose Window Dockers | Color Palette Manager. The docker is structured as a tree directory so you can view palettes by folder as you browse, and it includes handy Palette command buttons. To make your own palettes and to work with this docker, which you’ll use frequently, follow these example steps: Tutorial

Putting a New Spin on an Extruded Object 1.  With the Pick Tool, double-click the extrude group or the control object to expose the editing handles. Alternatively, you can use the Extrude Tool to select the object put it immediately into Editing mode. 2.  Single-click the extruded portion a second time. The rotation markers appear, and circular guides surround the effect. The inside and outside areas of this circular area determine the tool’s cursor state. 3.  Move the cursor outside of the

the fainter the resulting composition will be. This might be an effect you want, however; try light grays and light warm browns to make new photographs look like they were taken in the 1940s. Transparency Lens Effect The Transparency Lens effect is a simplified version of the effects that can be achieved using the Transparency Tool on the Toolbox. Blending modes are unavailable and the object itself becomes transparent—not the underlying objects—to varying degrees, based on the rate you set on

from a single module, a class module, or a form, although you can have as many code windows as you like open at the same time. Press CTRL + TAB to cycle through the windows, or choose a window from the window list at the bottom of the Window menu. The Object List at the top of the code window lists the available objects for that module. If a module is displayed, only one object—the “(General)” object—appears. If a form’s code window is open, all the form’s controls (buttons, labels, text boxes,

operators—such as And, Or, Not, and Xor—to combine results from two or more conditional statements. Conditional Loops—Putting It All Together Now you know how to assign an outline and a fill (RedFill_BlueOutline), and you’ve looked at looping through collections (For-Each-Next). You should also have a fairly good idea about decision making (If-Then-Else). The trick is to put all of this together, so you can apply the fill and the outline based on whether each object already has a fill or an

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