Claudine at St Clares: The Fifth Story of St Clares

Claudine at St Clares: The Fifth Story of St Clares

Enid Blyton

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ISBN: 0006931928

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her father. ‘ But this awful school uniform spoils her,’ said her mother. ‘ I do think it is most unbecoming. And I can’t bear those terrible school shoes, with their flat heels.’ ‘ Well, all the girls wear the same,’ said Angela’s father, reasonably. ‘ I think Angela looks very nice.’ ‘ If only the school had a prettier uniform!’ said Angela’s mother, in a complaining voice. ‘ That was one reason why I didn’t want to send her here-the dress was so ugly!’ ANGELA’S ‘WONDERFUL’ MOTHER THE

mind-I would love to slip along and see him after we’ve had dinner. His lodgings aren’t very far from the hotel. He’d love to see me.’ ‘ Just as you like, dear,’ said Alison’s mother. So they had their dinner, and a very good one it was, and then Eileen slipped off to see Edgar. Claudine proved a great success with Alison’s people. The French girl had naturally good manners, she was vivacious and amusing, and she was extremely pleased to have such a treat. Alison’s parents really enjoyed the

Eileen did. Eddie had been delighted to see her. She beamed at Alison and Claudine in an unusually friendly manner. What a lovely day it had been! 13 JANET AND THE ‘STINKBALLS’ AFTER the excitements of half-term the girls felt flat and dull. There didn’t seem anything to look forward to now. Lessons were boring. The weather was too hot. It seemed a long time till the summer holidays. ‘ Janet! Bobby! Can’t you think up some trick or other? ‘ said Pat, with a yawn. ‘ I wish you would. I shall die

locking me in. Eileen, get into bed. I am absolutely ashamed to think that a daughter of mine should have joined in midnight wrong-doing, and should refuse to tell me anything about it!’ She went off down the corridor, walking angrily. The girls sat up. ‘ Whew!’ said Bobby, ‘ what a volcano! I say, Eileen, where were you? Does your mother really think you were with us? ‘ ‘ Yes,’ said Eileen, in a low voice. ‘ Please don’t give me away. I was only meeting Eddie, my brother. I was afraid to tell

all like this stealing business to be cleared up-the fourth form hate it, as you can imagine-and we are glad to leave it in your hands to settle.’ There came a knock at the door. Miss Theobald called ‘ Come in’. Before any one entered she nodded to the two fourth-formers to dismiss them. ‘ I will see to everything,’ she said. ‘ I will talk to Pauline-possibly tomorrow or the day after-as soon as she has recovered from the shock of her broken leg. The doctor is to put it into plaster, and then

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