China Winter. Workers, Mandarins, and the Gang of Four

China Winter. Workers, Mandarins, and the Gang of Four

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near the big Store No. 1, when I realized that I had to get back to the hotel. Although I am small and today was dressed in half-Chinese fashion so that my presence scarcely stood out, I was nonetheless too much, I could no longer be tolerated. "What does this woman want?" "May she drop dead!" I heard these words repeated again and again; it was as if they were following me, stripping me of my security and my identity. And yet I knew that they had no quarrel with me. I was simply an excuse to

Those successes were not Utopian nor based on a warlike heroism, which by definition is destructive and temporary; they were the result of constructive actions. One must ask oneself, If this state of affairs has indeed vanished, then why? Last January, two poems of Mao were republished. One ends with the lines: "Nothing in the world is difficult provided one dares climb high." But poetry — alone is not enough. The red earth and smiling countryside of Henan. Cheerful peasants by the hundreds

me left in obtain must have who leaves the place for which he and an was accompanied to the airport by official from the Ministry of Education. Some poetry by Mao, which read aloud, was quoted in a huge red poster on the departure-lounge wall. It amazed the official that he was able to translate it. knows Japanese. We the travel permit every foreigner has a residence permit. M I M— M talked about ideograms. Presently, the official said to me, ironically, "In Shanghai, you'll The be

selves to been demanding to read newspapers from the country whose language they are among the profs, who have subscriptions Le Monde, say but don't read them because they don't understand them. The student requests at both Shida and Fudan echo the battles of the young people in Peking, where some time ago students at Beida and Qinghua Universities won permission to read and study foreign publications. studying. This has led to consternation to such papers (This is — to — one of the

also knows that I have become aware that she has become aware of this. A mirror game. Not one word was said about it. We spoke to each other about it while talking of altogether different things. She gave me to understand that my delicacy. intervening to correct certain matters of instruction I must be careful. They find is very acceptable. our violence unbearable. Their gentle, mild eyes are capable of endless, refined maliciousness, but a head-on encounter out of the question; it

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