China Days: A Visual Journal from China's Wild West

China Days: A Visual Journal from China's Wild West

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 1452125546

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The nation of China is a constant source of fascination, yet we rarely glimpse life beyond its urban centers. Far west of Beijing and Shanghai, in the remote Chinese province of Yunnan, pioneering artist Henrik Drescher settled over a decade ago. While residing in his adopted home, Drescher records his experiences and observations in his illustrated notebooks, capturing everyday life in settings ranging from street markets to mountainscapes. These richly illustrated pages are compiled here for the first time. Drescher's loyal fans will appreciate this window onto the life of the artist at the height of his powers, while those with an interest in Chinese culture will marvel at this rarely seen view of a country in the global spotlight.
















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than a millennium ago it was the independent Bai kingdom of Nanzhao, which lasted for less than two hundred years before it fell. A few centuries later, Kublai Kahn conquered this region, absorbing it into the Yuan dynasty. Today Dali is defenseless against the invading hordes of tour groups and backpackers on the granola trail, looking for their own private Shangri-la. Actually, the “real” Shangri-la can be found only eight hours’ drive north of Dali and is usually the next stop after visiting

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