Cam Jansen and the Ghostly Mystery (Cam Jansen, Book 16)

Cam Jansen and the Ghostly Mystery (Cam Jansen, Book 16)

David A. Adler

Language: English

Pages: 47

ISBN: 1419355139

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This mystery carries on the tradition of the others in this popular series for early chapter- book readers. While in line for "Triceratops Pops" concert tickets, Cam witnesses a robbery but cannot identify the disguised thief. Of course, she uses her intelligence, along with her photographic memory, to solve the case and catch the crooks.

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man Eric and I saw. The man was carrying lots of signs. He even had words painted on his clothing.” “I remember one of the signs,” Eric said. “‘Air is free! Water is free! Food should be free, too!’” Cam said, “Click,” again. “Now I’m looking at a picture I have in my head of the Bell Woman.” “She had bell earrings,” Eric told Aunt Molly, “and bells on her necklace and her bracelet, too. When she walked, she jingled.” Just then a ghost jumped in front of Aunt Molly. “Eek!” Aunt Molly

screamed. “Oh, my!” Chapter Two Cam opened her eyes. Someone wearing a ghost costume was standing in front of Aunt Molly. The “ghost” was wearing a large white sheet, black gloves, and a scary gray mask. He waved his arms and shouted, “Boo!” Cam looked at the ghost, blinked her eyes, and said, “Click.” Aunt Molly put her hand to her heart. She held on to Eric and said, “Oh, my.” Eric whispered, “It’s not a real ghost.” Eric pointed and said, “He’s wearing sneakers. Real ghosts don’t

front of him and yelled, ‘Boo!’” “He had a heart attack,” Aunt Molly said. “Are you sure he had a heart attack? Are you a doctor?” the young man asked Aunt Molly. “No. I work for an airline. I help people plan their vacations.” The young man told his partner, “He may have just fainted. But we should take him to the emergency room for a full checkup.” The old man opened his eyes and looked at the stretcher and ambulance. Then he spoke very softly. “What did you say?” the young woman asked.

Molly shouted. Some people in the station stopped. But Cam didn’t. She kept running until she was standing near the couple. Cam looked at them. They looked at her. Then Cam walked back to Eric and Aunt Molly. “They weren’t the thieves,” Cam said. “The man didn’t have bushy eyebrows.” “We didn’t come here to catch thieves,” Aunt Molly told them. “We came to buy concert tickets.” Aunt Molly pointed to the stairs and said, “Let’s go uptown.” Aunt Molly shook her head. “Oh, my. I said that

much help. We can’t stop every woman we see wearing white sneakers.” Aunt Molly looked down and said, “I’m wearing white sneakers and I’m not a thief. I work for an airline.” “And I have brown hair and bushy eyebrows,” the officer told Aunt Molly. The other officer put the paper towel in his pocket. “My name is Officer Kent,” he said. “My partner is Officer Feldman. Please call us if you remember anything else that might be helpful.” He wrote his name and the telephone number of the police

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