Boone: A Biography (Shannon Ravenel Books (Paperback))

Boone: A Biography (Shannon Ravenel Books (Paperback))

Robert Morgan

Language: English

Pages: 538

ISBN: 1565126157

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The story of Daniel Boone is the story of America—its ideals, its promise, its romance, and its destiny. Bestselling, critically acclaimed author Robert Morgan reveals the complex character of a frontiersman whose heroic life was far stranger and more fascinating than the myths that surround him.

This rich, authoritative biography offers a wholly new perspective on a man who has been an American icon for more than two hundred years—a hero as important to American history as his more political contemporaries George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Extensive endnotes, cultural and historical background material, and maps and illustrations underscore the scope of this distinguished and immensely entertaining work.












Boone A BIOGRAPHY BY Robert Morgan A Shannon Ravenel Book ALGONQUIN BOOKS OF CHAPEL HILL For my grandson Grayson Contents Boone Family Genealogy Brief Chronology of Daniel Boone’s Life Introduction One: The Mother World of the Forest People of the Forest Two: The Hills beyond the Yadkin Three: The Yadkin Was the Wild West Domestic Arts Four: In Search of the Real West Five: Visions of Eden Regulators Six: Return to the Bluegrass Island Seven: Where There Was No

. The remains of the mangled bodies were so distended by the excessive heat of the weather, or so disfigured by the tomahawk, vultures and wild beasts, that it was impossible to distinguish one individual from another.” The bodies were laid in a sinkhole across the hilltop, near the scene of the fighting, and covered with as much dirt and rocks as they could scrape together without picks and shovels. The Battle of the Blue Licks has always been rightly described as a terrible defeat for the

a place.” Surveyors for many companies and speculators were already crawling through the thickets and driving stakes, planting flags, and blazing trees all over the region. It was understood that a fortune and a future were to be made by anyone who could nail down a claim there. Pretending to be hunting, the surveyors hid their compasses, which Indians called land stealers. Among the exploring parties was one that included James Harrod of Pennsylvania. According to some accounts, Boone met Harrod

drawn him to Kentucky six years before might soon be gone, and his second motion suggests that he already understood the importance of breeding fine horseflesh for the future of Kentucky. One feature adding to the almost surreal air of this convention was the “Livery of Seizin” ceremony, which Henderson organized. It shows his feudal sense of his role and his colony, and it also reveals his love of the theatrical. To complete the transfer of Kentucky to his company he had a lawyer named John

meat and cure deer hides as well as flavor food. Sweating day after day in the hot sun, men grew weak if they did not replace the salt lost through perspiration. Many of those who had come with Henderson knew nothing of hunting or farming or salt boiling. The salt springs of Kentucky would later provide an ample supply of the mineral, when the settlers had the equipment, which consisted of large iron pots, and men willing to chop the wood to keep the fires under the pots blazing for days. After

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