Barry the Fish with Fingers

Barry the Fish with Fingers

Sue Hendra

Language: English

Pages: 33

ISBN: 147112018X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Life under the sea can be as dull as dishwater, until Barry arrives, that is. See, Barry is no ordinary fish—he's a fish with fingers! And fingers mean finger puppets, finger painting, knitting, counting to ten, tickling, and all sorts of fun things. It isn't long before all of the other fish want fingers, too. Life under the sea will never be the same again. . . . 
Sue Hendra's hilarious text and bright, bold, colorful art will have youngsters begging to read this story again and again.














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celebrates the right to read. v3.0 Table of Contents Cover Title Page Copyright Dedication First Page About the Author Sea Slug liked to lie on the ocean floor and watch the fish swim by. He did this every day. He saw fat ones, thin ones, some as big as cars, some as small as buttons. Toothy ones, big-nosed ones, googly-eyed ones, spotty ones, stripy ones… You name it, he’d seen it. In fact, he thought he had seen it all… …until he caught sight of Barry,

that is. “How do you do?” asked Barry, proudly waving his fish fingers. “WOW! A fish with fingers!” exclaimed Sea Slug. “These new fingers are the answer to every fish’s problem,” said Barry. “What’s your problem?” Barry asked a moody-looking fish. There was a long silence. “I’m bored,” said the fish. “We’re all bored,” said the others. “Well, prepare to be un-bored….” “With fingers I can… Knit a scarf! Count to ten! Type a letter! Make a

paper chain! Finger-paint! Play the piano! Have a big morning stretch!” “Fingers really are a must for tickling.” The fish could see why Barry loved his fingers. They could do so many things! Suddenly the sea went dark and the water shook. It was at that moment that one of Barry’s fingers did something truly amazing…. It pointed! Thanks to Barry’s fast-acting finger, not a single fish got squished by the massive heavy box that fell into the sea. Everyone

fish-finger sandwiches, much to Barry’s chagrin.

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