Amber Brown Sees Red

Amber Brown Sees Red

Paula Danziger

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0142412619

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Amber Brown's going through a growth spurt . . . and her body's not the only thing that's changing. Her mom and Max are engaged. Her dad is moving back from Paris. And now her school's overrun by skunks, and she feels like she's being held captive in a hot, crowded school bus that's going nowhere. But growth spurts and skunks are not her only concerns. Why can't her parents agree on anything . . . and most important, what will happen when Dad moves back?





















today? My mom’s at a business meeting She looks at the note and makes a face. Writing a note, she passes it to me. el was just going to ask you if el could go to your house my mom said she had a meeting wasn’t listening .... and my clads away on business. What are we going to do? Do you think we’ll have to spend all day here with the skunks?????????? After I read it, I look at Brandi and we cross our eyes at each other. Mr. Robinson says, “Now, teachers, classes, proceed with your

I put more salt on my fries. “Didn’t you report the bulletin already today?” “That was the skunk bulletin. This is one I forgot to mention because the other news was much bigger and much smellier.” Brandi picks up the catsup bottle and pretends it’s a microphone. “Overheard in the front office. Starting next week, the new housing development is opening. Families will be moving in. New students will be arriving soon. And the teachers thought it would be a good idea for all of us to ‘bond.’ Mr.

ring and the gold wedding ring that my mom used to wear when she and my dad were married. I look at Max and Mom and wait for answers. Max starts first. “My name is Max. You’ve always called me that and that’s what you can continue to call me. And you will still keep your last name, unless you want to change it.” I think about how upset my father would be if I changed my name.... At least I think he would be upset. Anyway, I love my name ..... Amber Brown. It’s so colorful! If I changed it to

and tries to stop crying. I want to be hugging her, but Max is already doing that. I don’t understand why she’s acting like this. When my dad moved to Paris, my mom was mad at him. She said that he was running away from responsibility. I heard that fight. Dad had come over to the house to tell us that he was being transferred, that it wasn’t his fault ... that he would always support me financially and love me. They yelled so much, I started to cry. I start to cry now. Max stops hugging

of my head. “This way I look like a horse with tails on each side of my face.” “It looks cute.” My mom smiles. “I’ve always thought it’s looked cute like that. You’ve been wearing your hair that way since you were little.” “Exactly,” I say. “Since I was little..... But now I’m in fourth grade and no one wears her hair like this anymore.” “It’s so cute,” she repeats. “And look at this.” I let my hair down. “I have split ends and the bangs are covering my eyes. I’m having a bad hair day.....

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